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Cinderella Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

FA7A2636-CFC6-4645-B493-A98D3409F893-1Disney’s live-action version of Cinderella is now out on blu-ray combo pack, DVD and digital HD via Disney Movies Anywhere. If you are wondering whether or not you want to go out and pick this movie up, we have the blu-ray combo pack review.

Cinderella is an all-time Disney animated classic. It’s become the ultimate fairy tale around the world with the idea that anything is possible, no matter who you are. This is a concept that Disney has ran with all these years and have been very successful at finding ways to get that moral idea across. So how does Disney successfully get the idea across by telling the same story? It’s simple, they give you even more of a story for more than just the main character.

The Cinderella story has already been told in many ways but not like this. All of the basics of the fairy tale are still intact with this live-action version. The fact that she is stuck with a wicked stepmother and wicked stepsisters, the fairy godmother stepping in to help Cinderella, the pumpkin carriage, Cinderella having to be be back before “the stroke of midnight,” etc. But have you ever wondered why Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are so mean to her in the first place? Or how Cinderella ended up living with her wicked stepfamily? These questions along with many others, like how Cinderella got her name, are answered.

The moral of the story becomes very clear within the first ten minutes. They use the same quote they chose for their A Million Words of Kindness campaign and say “be kind and be courageous” about 4-5 times within the first ten minutes.  They continue to use it throughout the film a few more times. It can seem like a bit of an overload but let’s face it, some people need that quote embedded into their brains.

Lily James was a great choice for the role of Cinderella. She made the role believable and looked like a princess. Cate Blanchett delivers as always in the role of the wicked stepmother. She grew on me and became my favorite character from the film. I mean is there anything Cate Blanchett can’t do?

The film uses quite a bit of cgi for things like the mice family, the Cinderella transformation scene and some of the scenery. There are times in the film where the cgi is a bit too obvious by looking too fake and there are times where the cgi looks absolutely amazing. So there’s not much consistency in the quality of the cgi.

The sets and costumes looked really amazing. There are only a few instances when the set is done in cgi but when you see the actual locations, it really has that feeling that you are in fantasyland at the Disney parks. The costumes are vibrant just like in the animated classic and give the film even more of the fantasy feel.

Bonus Features

The Blu-ray combo pack includes bonus features that last for about thirty minutes or so. The bonus features included are “A Fariy Tale Comes To Life,” in which the cast and crew reflect on adapting the fairy tale to a live-action form. “Staging the Ball” takes you behind-the-scenes of how the ballroom scene was very intricately put together. “Alternate Opening: Ella’s Childhood,” that’s self explanatory. “Ella’s Furry Friends” shows how the crew animated some of the animals in the film and the “Frozen Fever” short is also included, which was recently included with the Disney Short Films release. Frozen fans will love it. These bonus features are what you would expect in the home release of the film and satisfy the costumer.


The blu-ray combo pack comes with the blu-ray, DVD, Disney Rewards code and is covered in a cardboard foiled cover slip that covers the plastic case. The foil cover gives the rainbow effect when you look at it in a certain angle.


Though the film takes more of a realistic approach, the fantasy is still there and so are the morals. You get more backstory for the supporting characters and it helps you make sense of why the characters act the way they do. Despite some wonky looking cgi at times, the visual quality of the movie looks great. The colors pop and the sets are amazing on screen. The bonus features are very satisfying and some fans of Frozen may just want to buy the blu-ray for the “Frozen Fever” short. 

I give the Cinderella Blu-ray combo pack 7 out of 10 fridges.