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Chrono Trigger released on Steam, problem is it’s a pretty bad port at the moment

Chrono Trigger in my opinion is one of the greatest JRPG ever released on the Super Nintendo. It’s a game I heavily praise for it’s story, gameplay and visuals, more importantly it’s a game that has aged quite well and would have been a perfect addition to the SNES Classic.

Developed by Square Enix, Chrono Trigger has seen various ports on the PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Wii, mobile devices and as of a few days ago, Chrono Trigger was added to Steam. Normally this would be great news, except for the fact the the Steam version is terrible and filled with various issues since it’s actually the iOS version of the game which was already filled with tons of issues on release, which were never fixed.

As of right now, the user reviews for the game are pretty negative with users complaining about the terrible UI, horrible screen filtering, text boxes and various bugs found in the game.

On March 1st, team behind the Chrono Trigger Steam release posted that it is listening to feedback from the community and is aware of all the issues. They are currently accessing a solution and will release more information at a later time.

Even at $14.99 it’s not worth picking up right now. I love Chrono Trigger and hope some changes are made to make me want to play this port. For now you might as well get the better experience and pick up either the Nintendo DS version of the game or digitially download the game on the Wii Eshop before the service closes in next year.