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Christopher Gorham Talks The Flash and JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS

At the premiere for DC’s upcoming animated film “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis,” I had the privilege to talk to some of the cast and creators about the film. Christopher Gorham, who voices The Flash in the film, talked to me about the role that Flash has in the film, the live-action Flash and who would win in a race between The Flash and Superman.

Christopher Groham voice of Flash in “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis”


Q: What is it like playing the fastest man in the DC animated universe?

“It’s a blast. I was really excited when they asked me to come do another one of these movies. Doing the first one was so much fun. I was a comicbook fan growing up and now I have kids who love superheroes so it’s an exciting opportunity.”

Q: I seen you pointing out that The Flash is not on the poster for the film, how big is his role in the film?

“Well listen, he’s all I see you know? (Laughs). Um..I’m not sure what else the movie’s about. (Laughs). No, this movie is the origin story for Aquaman, so the Flash is definitely a supporting role in this film but he’s an important supporting role. He’s kind of the glue of the Justice League. He’s kind of the thing that’s keeping these guys working together as a team. So in that sense, it’s important.”

Q: Does he have any kind of conflict with any of the members of the Justice League? Cause The Flash usually has kind of a sarcastic personality that tends to maybe rub people the wrong way. 

“Oh yeah. Well listen, everybody knows that the Green Lantern is a giant pain in the ass and um…that’s true in this movie and Flash is just doing his best to get along and put him in his place.”

Q: If the opportunity was ever there, would you try or want to take on playing Flash in a live-action role?

“Well I think those are all taken (laughs), but yeah sure. You know, I’m a big fan of superhero movies, animated and live-action and I think it’s an exciting time because I think more often than not, they’ve really gotten them right and they’re making really good fun movies that fans really enjoy, and so if there was an opportunity to be apart of it, yeah sure.

Q: I know you play Flash but if there was a race, who wins, Superman or Flash and why?

“…Where are they racing to?

Chris: Uh…around the world.

“See this is the thing, cause like here’s what I’d say, I would say Superman would win cause he’s Superman. He’s invulnerable, he’s faster than everything and stronger than everything.”

Chris: He would fly over all of the buildings, where as Flash would have to take the streets.

“Exactly. Like he can go through buildings and Flash would have to go around them.”

Chris: It does make sense. It’s the first time I actually thought about it like that.


Catch Christopher Gorham as Flash in “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” when it is released Jan.27.