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Chris Cooper Talks About Norman Osborn’s “Odd Introduction” In the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have plenty of villains to go around. Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, Rhino who is played by Paul Giamatti, & then there is Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper) who in the comics, becomes one of the most famous villains in the Spider-man universe, Green Goblin. Norman Osborn, who we learned from watching the first Amazing-Spider-Man film, is suffering from a horrible disease. Chris Cooper got a chance to explain to MTV how Norman will be introduced in the upcoming film.

When asked if we will see Norman transforming into Spider-Man’s nemesis, Green Goblin, he didn’t quite answer that but instead had this to say: “[Amazing] Spider-Man 2 was an introduction to Norman, & — you’ll see — an extremely odd introduction, which apparently will lead to something more.”

Something more? Could it be the Ultimate Spider-Man version of the Green Goblin? As we saw earlier this week in possible leaked storyboards where an Osborn looked as if he was transforming into some type of creature. Or could it even be possible that it has to do with the villain group, Sinister-Six?

Well Cooper elaborated a little on that as he was then asked if he has heard anything about the Sinister-Six being involved. He then said that he has received some material about the group but mentions that they won’t be involved with the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Bummer…

Chris Cooper will have some big shoes to fill as he will try to take on a role that was previously played by William Dafoe. Who in my opinion, was the only good thing about the previous Spider-Man series.

Amazing Spider-Man 2, swings into theaters May 2, 2014.