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CHINA, IL Exclusive: Brad Neely & Daniel Weidenfield on Doo Doo Dicks and Ass Comedy

MV5BMTQ2OTU4MjI4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTc3ODg2OA@@._V1__SX1234_SY596_China, IL returns for a third season on Adult Swim, Sundays at 11:30 starting April 5. The show is set at the worst college in America, the University of China, IL, but series creator Brad Neely and his partner Daniel Weidenfield were in Los Angeles, CA this week to celebrate the new season.

I got a sneak peak at Sunday’s episode, in which President Reagan, both back from the dead and reinstated, decides to address overpopulation. He leaves it up to a think tank at China, IL to figure out what to do, and what ensues is a sophisticated debate between a death draft and doo doo dicks. Find out who wins, and what other insanity is coming up this season on China, IL.

Nuke: Have we established President Reagan and the disappearance of Obama already, or is that new?

Brad Neely: We did that in season two obliquely and badly serviced in the middle of the season in episode 205 I believe.

Daniel Weidenfield: The Crystal Castle?

Brad Neely: Diamond Castle.

DN: Yeah, we always get confused by it. We confuse our show with Indiana Jones all the time.

Brad Neely: No, you’re confusing that with National Treasure.

DN: Oh, God, I don’t know anything. It’s so complicated. We’ve been in the hole of this show for a very long time and now we don’t know anything.

MV5BMTk5MDc2MzQ3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODg4ODk3OQ@@._V1__SX1234_SY596_Brad Neely: We have established that but very weakly.

DN: And we establish it even weaker this season where there’s just a photo of Obama in the background.

Nuke: No, he says Obama has disappeared.

Brad Neely: Andy Richter says, “Obama’s disappearance.”

Nuke: So I was wondering if that was something we already knew or you had to say that to explain why Reagan is president again.

Brad Neely: We just wanted to reiterate.

DN: He’s a much better viewer than us. We didn’t establish it because Obama’s at the end of the Diamond Castle episode.

Brad Neely: I know, but we had said that he got the eternal presidency. If you drink from the Fountain of Eternal Presidency, you get presidency for life, not immortality.

Nuke: Is this episode a very serious, intense political statement about the overpopulation problem?

Brad Neely: No, man, that’s just me being an old, f***ed up man. I feel like I hate trying to find a parking spot or waiting in line. L.A. seems crowded to me, traffic. So yeah, and that’s the issue, right? I don’t want to seem awful, but if 1/3 of us got sick and went away, everything would be okay.

Nuke: It is a problem that should be addressed but it’s impossible to talk about because the solution is kill people.

Brad Neely: You can’t fix it. That’s what our episode is trying to say. That’s the problem but unfortunately it’s indissoluble because —

Daniel Weidenfield: The only way to solve it is by doing horrific and terrible things. You might as well own that rather than just trying to skirt around it.

Brad Neely: I’m just saying, if we woke up, it would be an awful thing to get past, but we might all get to work about 20 minutes earlier.

neely-weidenfeldDaniel Weidenfield: And the idea of a death draft is the most fair and balanced way of doing it. It’s like Vietnam, which essentially was a death draft.

Brad Neely: Some people might, actually, if there was incentive to be a hero for your country, I’m going to sign up for the death draft, go down in history for my country. Well, maybe I’ll just do it for you guys.

Nuke: I was voting for doo doo dicks myself.

Brad Neely: I can’t believe we got to say “doo doo dick.”

Nuke: Was that the first time?

Daniel Weidenfield: Ever, maybe in the history of the world, that was the first time.

Brad Neely: No, no, that’s that not true.

Daniel Weidenfield: Somebody’s been like, “Oh my God, there’s doo doo on your dick.” I don’t think anybody’s ever said, “Doo doo dick.”

Brad Neely: I’m pretty sure I read it in the biography of the Queen.

Nuke: You’d think it comes up a lot in porn. “Cut, sorry, doo doo dick.”

Brad Neely: I know, “Get Doo Doo Dick over here. Get him over here. We’re ready for Doo Doo Dick.”

Nuke: What fun stuff is coming up after the death draft/doo doo dick episode?

Brad Neely: More population discussions.

Nuke: Really? You haven’t settled it in one episode?

Brad Neely: That would be so funny if the second episode was again, “All right, man. Not enough people signed up for this death draft.”

Daniel Weidenfield: But it’s not a political statement. Not a political statement. We’re not saying anything. A bunch of crows teach at the college because The Dean reads in the newspaper that they’re smart.

Nuke: Like birds?

Daniel Weidenfield: Crows, yeah. Frank’s ass becomes a really popular stand-up comedian.

Nuke: Just his ass?

Brad Neely: Just his asshole.

Daniel Weidenfield: He essentially gets taken over by his ass. It talks.

Nuke: Does it have a different voice?

Brad Neely: Yeah, I do that.

Nuke: You had to claim the ass voice. You couldn’t delegate that.

Brad Neely: It’s actually my normal voice, my normal speaking voice just pitched up a little bit. There’s a big musical, a two episode double length musical with 10 songs. We have Cat Power, Evan Peters and Rosa Salazar. Jeffrey Tambor sings and Greta Gerwig sings.

Daniel Weidenfield: Another episode is Frank, Steve and Baby Cakes start a band called Charlize because they want to get Charlize Theron’s attention. So they start this band.

Nuke: Will we be able to get the songs from the musical on iTunes?

Brad Neely: Oh, man, that’s a great question.

Daniel Weidenfield: Will you get a job at Adult Swim marketing?

Brad Neely: Somebody should make that happen.

Daniel Weidenfield: We have no idea.

Brad Neely: I think we made them available online somewhere.

Daniel Weidenfield: They were talking about Spotify as a thing. I don’t know if that’s still happening.

Nuke: That works, I didn’t mean specifically one music service.

Brad Neely: I wrote 50 songs for season two. Some of them are only 10 seconds long, but it took time.

Nuke: Do you ever get over having Hulk Hogan in your recording studio?

Brad Neely: Never, no. Do you ever get over having a kicking horse at dinner? It’s an animal in your presence. Very scary.

Daniel Weidenfield: He came to one record in L.A. but other than that, Brad’s gone to Tampa twice and the bane of my existence is that I’ve been busy both times he’s had to fly to Tampa and I couldn’t go. The stories he comes back with…

Brad Neely: Yeah, he drank three 5 Hour Energy drinks in one sitting.

Nuke: In less than five hours?

Daniel Weidenfield: One hour!

Brad Neely: It works out when you extrapolate it over his body size, the blood circulation lap that it takes, I think it all works out.