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In mid-May, we announced that an Ant-Man movie was one step closer to becoming reality, which writer/director Edgar Wright (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”) debuted test footage of at July’s San Diego Comic-Con. Movieweb landed this exclusive with a poster for the Marvel Studios micro-superhero. This may or may not be the real McCoy, but it does kick some serious bug booty!  Check it out!

Here is the basic storyline for the film.

Biochemist Dr. Hank Pym uses his latest discovery, a group of subatomic particles, to create a size-altering formula. Though his first self-test goes awry, he develops an instrument that helps him communicate with and control insects.

While Ant-Man is a founding member of “The Avengers,” he did not appear in Joss Whedon’s film.  Hopefully this will be rectified after he gets his own solo feature.  The big screen adaptation will be an action/adventure, which will incorporate some comedic elements. Special Effects will be critical to the film’s success.

“Ant-Man” is expected to find its way into theaters sometime in May of 2014.  Casting is scheduled to begin soon.  Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright wrote the screenplay based on characters and story ideas created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Edgar Wright directs.

Source: movieweb