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Check Out the Easter Eggs From the New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 TRAILER

Easter eggs are always awesome. Take a look at the few Easter eggs that were found in the newly released Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.

disneyspideyNice advertising Disney

spideytumblrNotice the “FOLLOW THE DAILY BUGLE on TUMBLR” on the building

spideyoctYou definitely want to zoom in on this one. You will notice a file titled “Experiment OCT 32A” which could be a reference to Dr. Octopus, A “Dr. Morbius File,” “Exoskeleton” & a “Venom Storage.” You may spot a few more Dr files but some are pretty hard to make out.

vulture octThis one is my favorite & the most obvious. The wings of Vulture & the mechanical appendages of Doctor Octopus

To me, the trailer looked like more of a build up for the Sinister Six that has been rumored.