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In a Q&A session with Studio Zero, the developer announced the news about the game’s upcoming share restrictions. Players will be able to share the first half of Catherine: Full Body’s storyline, as well as some of the additional game modes that are available outside of the overall story. The latter half of the game’s storyline will be totally off limits however.

Last month, Studio Zero and Atlus held something they called a “Sheep Week,” where they revealed tons of new information about Catherine: Full Body. New details were revealed about the game’s Japanese voice cast, alongside a whole bunch of trailers.

Furthermore, we got our first look at the game’s day-one DLC, which features the main protagonist of Persona 5 as a playable character.

Catherine: Full Body will be launching next year for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on February 14. As of right now, the game is expected to release sometime in 2019 over here in the west and it’s unknown if it will be getting a PS Vita release in the west.

Source: Studio Zero via Persona Central

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