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Cast & Crew Talk About Filming ‘Krampus’

Director Michael Dougherty brings Krampus this weekend to the big screen and we attended the press conference for the film!

So what or who exactly is Krampus? Well, he’s kind of like the anti or the opposite of Santa Claus. For example, Santa is known to reward children who are good and Krampus punishes those who misbehave. The Legend began in Germany and has spread throughout Europe and the world. Some places even claim that Krampus is actually a companion of Saint Nicholas. The one thing that remains consistent is that he’s very scary. The most common description is that he has a long pointy tongue, horns of a goat, and is covered in black or brown hair.

During the press conference it was interesting to find out that I was not the only one who knew little about Krampus. Some of the cast had never heard of the folklore until they started working on the movie. The great part is that Michael Dougherty was thinking outside the box by bringing to life something different. A little known and fun adventure to theaters.

Below you can listen to the press conference as the cast talks about the experience of working on the film!