Is CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 in the Next Phase for Marvel?


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just a little more than 2 months away & already talks of Captain America three have apparently began. According to Variety, Marvel & Disney are now in the process of put together a Captain America 3. Also according to their sources, this includes bringing back directors Joe & Anthony Russo.

The site also notes that Captain America 3 has not gotten the green light yet but their sources say that the directors are already putting together an outline of what the story for the third installment would look like.

Many of the actors have options for the next installment but negotiations would not begin until after The Winter Soldier’s release but again according to their sources, Marvel was very impressed with the production of the film which is why the studio is quick to start talks for the next installment.

Would you like to see another Captain America movie? Who would be your ideal villains?