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Capcom to shut down mobile game Puzzle Fighter on July 31st

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo was honestly one of my favorite games back on the original PlayStation and was I surprised when Capcom announced it was releasing a mobile game called Puzzle Fighter. While the game wasn’t very impressive or as addictive as the original game, it was still fun to play especially because it featured a nice roster of characters from different Capcom series.

It’s not a bad way to kill some time as a free-to-play game but it also reminds us why you should never put too much time or effort in these games because at anytime it can end and that’s exactly what is happening with Puzzle Fighter. Released just a little over six month ago now, Capcom announced that on July 31st it will be ending service on the game.

For those still playing the game, they will receive 10,000 free gems and Dino Crisis Regina along with Mega Man arch-nemesis Dr. Wily will be added as selectable characters for free. Capcom will also be adding Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series as well as the the Darminor and Uroboros Laboratory stages on April 23rd.

April 23rd will also be the last day to purchase any in app purchases and if you have any gems (in game currency) you can use it until the last day of the game.