Capcom Cup 2022 Finishes Strong With Teaser For Street Fighter 6, More Info Coming Soon

Announced during the final moments of the 2022 Capcom cup, a quick teaser for Street Fighter 6 was shown off featuring veteran fighter Ryu and Street Fighter 5 newcomer Luke.

It seems as though Luke and Ryu have been training to prepare for this moment.

Capcom spoke briefly about this announcement on their official website:


Get ready, Fighters: the future of fighting games is on the way! Today, at the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final, we shared a glimpse of what’s on the horizon: Street Fighter 6.

We know you’re hungry for more details (and we’re just as eager to share them), but we’re gonna have to keep you guessing just a little longer. Look out for more Street Fighter 6 news coming summer 2022.

In the meantime, we have a compilation of 10 classic head-to-head arcade games launching June 24thCapcom Fighting Collection—and one more Battle Balance update hitting Street Fighter V in March 2022.

No more information was shown following the announcement. The first news for Street Fighter 6 will drop this summer. Stay tuned for more info.