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Call Of Duty World War II REVIEW

2017 has been a year of many hits and misses when it comes to games that try to meet expectations. Sledgehammer Games has taken Call of Duty back to its historic roots with Call of Duty WW2 and, in doing so, has created incredibly high expectations for die hard fans of the series. For what it’s worth, they’ve created a well balanced mix on every end that I believe meets the expectations that were given. Call of Duty WWII boasts 3 different modes; the campaign, multiplayer, and a returning Nazi Zombies mode.

The campaign mode was definitely some of the most fun I’ve had playing a Call of Duty in quite some time due largely in part by it’s fantastic story. You play as “Red” Daniels, a Southern farm boy who finds himself across the pond defending his nation.  At first you think that Daniels is just the basic every day protagonist type but eventually over the course of the campaign I grew to like him through his struggles, past, and morality. The rest of the characters in the story were your basic platoon type characters like the plucky smart mouth, the smart one, and the hard as nails Tech Sergeant but the story was well written to make them lovable over time.

The way the campaign plays in this game is a step up from previous titles. Gone are the days of being shot 5 times, hide behind a door, and automatically heal. WWII has added health packs that are easily available and quick to use which make it feel a lot more fluid and more of a cinematic experience. Different twists in the game keep the story going and really develops a few of the characters, mainly Tech Sergeant Pierson, Private Zussman(plucky smart mouth), and Private Daniels. Each interaction feels genuine and interesting to watch which made me stick around until the end.

Multiplayer is a staple in Call of Duty and has definitely stood the test of time as one of the first things someone thinks of when they hear the term “online multiplayer shooters”. WWII’s multiplayer is a fairly fun experience that brings what Call of Duty multiplayer is all about back with it’s fun boots to the ground gameplay. Some of the maps get a little tough to be in whether it was choking points or cheap corners and I definitely picked favorites when it came to which maps I was excited to jump into and which ones I groaned about in pure agony. But all around, every moment in multiplayer felt like a good balance of skill and fun and each map looked like it was ripped straight from an actual battle.

The nazi zombie mode in Call Of Duty WWII has definitely been a delight to play. In the returning mode you get to choose to from a selection of interesting characters as they try to reclaim some of the most important pieces of art stolen by the Axis Powers. This leads them into running into an experiment run by Nazi Germany turning fallen soldiers into undead weapons. I haven’t enjoyed a zombie mode this much since Black Ops 2.

There is plenty of replay value in “The Final Reich” although it may take a few times to really get used to it’s maze-like size. The amount of steps to complete the easter eggs and objectives in this map is insane, it may even be the most complicated that I’ve ever seen, but it’s also very satisfying when completed with friends although it could feel near impossible trying to complete it alone.

Call of Duty World War II gives players the fun historical immersion that has made them a staple in gaming. For every random character bug or cheap death, there was a moment of genuine fun and adventure. Though the multiplayer wasn’t amazing, the zombie mode more than makes up for it and the campaign may be the most well written campaign in the series.

Nuke The Fridge Score – 8.5/10