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CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS Extinction Trailer

A great week to be an Xbox gamer.

How many of you are like me? You liked Ghosts single player, but didn’t particularly care for this game’s over complex multiplayer modes. Just as you were about to Ebay or trade in your disc you discovered a mode called “Extinction” that grabbed you with how much fun its silly premise is. You’re one of four Marines dropped smack dab in ground zero of the apocalypse with nothing but a handgun and $500 in your pocket. You must cooperate with your fellow players to traverse and survive wave-after-wave of murderous aliens until you have to sprint back to the beginning of the map for extraction. ┬áIt was the next logical evolution of the zombie modes from previous games, but the only thing was there was only one map. Well on January 28th Xbox gamers won’t have that problem with the release of Ghosts first DLC containing a new map for Extinction called Nightfall. More than just a new map to explore, it adds a bit of narrative to the story of the Marines batting for humanity’s survival.

There’s a new trailer out that best sums up how insane this could all be. No official word yet on when the DLC will come to PlayStation, but if history is any indicator PS gamers can expect to play this new first of four chapters in mid February. Check out the trailer, from Major Nelson’s blog, for Extinction Nightfall below.