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Hey there everyone! Chris again, bringing you another edition of “The C-Word.” I hope you enjoyed our SDCC cosplayer galleries but now it’s time to get back to how this all started, with another cosplayer interview! This edition features the lovely Twiggy Tallant aka “The Nerdy Stripper.” In our interview (which was done through email), we discuss everything we all love. Video games, movies, and cosplay. Without further adieu, here’s our interview!


Chris: When did you first get into anything “nerdy?” Whether it be comics, movies, cartoons or video games. What was the earliest memory?

The Nerdy Stripper: Probably playing SEGA Genesis at a family friend’s place who had 3 boys. We battled with medieval foam swords and arrows, played video games and hide and seek…with foam weaponry. T’was good times.

Chris: How did you first get started in cosplaying?

The Nerdy Stripper: My mum used to make all my Halloween costumes from scratch, and I would always help. Once I knew I didn’t have to wait ‘til Halloween to dress up, I was all about it.

Chris: What has been your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?

The Nerdy Stripper: I did a latex cosplay Joker (from Mortal Kombat vs DC). I teamed up with my friend Adala Clothing (who builds all my latex clothing), dressed as a latex Harley Quinn and we won best in show at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 🙂

Photo Credit Paul Hillier

The Joker latex which won best in show. Photo credit Paul Hillier

Chris: Do you make any of your costumes? and if so, which was the hardest to make?

The Nerdy Stripper: I do, but I know when something goes beyond my skill set. I can’t make latex outfits, but I can Art Attack the crap out of something. Two parts glue, one part water, PVA glue, and strips of loo roll. The world is your oyster. There are difficult parts to any costume. From building Bazooka Boobs for my tank girl costume to painting on a feminine Jack Nicholson joker face, the best part is the challenge.

Screen shot 2012-03-10 at 8.04.07 PM

The “bazooka boobs” Nerdy Stripper was referring to

Chris: What cosplays would you love to do in the near future?

The Nerdy Stripper: I’m actually currently building a ratchet Emma Frost for Toronto Fan Expo. I would love to start building armour so I can build some WOW or MTG characters. I’d like to build a sailor Neptune, a post Apocalyptic Rainbow Bright, and obviously Stripperella. It’s some of the most creative moments I’ve ever had.

Chris: What is it about cosplay that you love the most?

The Nerdy Stripper: Being a human Wishbone.

…The dog not the bone.

Chris: How hard or easy was it to blend pole dancing with your fandoms? You obviously pull it off really well.

The Nerdy Stripper: It came pretty naturally. I just started wearing my favourite nerdy shirts to work. I wore my glasses because, one time I didn’t have the appropriate depth perception and smoked my head off the floor. Haha! I also noticed how much easier it was to find my people. I would literally just look at people’s facial expressions after reading my ‘I <3 Ewok’ or ‘Atari Represent’ or ‘die n00b’ shirt.

Chris: To anyone who has thought about cosplaying but don’t know where to start, what tips would you give them?


Chris: Will you be making any appearances soon at any conventions or public events soon?

The Nerdy Stripper: I will be at the Toronto Fan Expo in August. 🙂

Chris: Who is your favorite superhero or movie character, and why?

The Nerdy Stripper: Tank Girl. She’s my hero, my God, and my future wife.

Chris: Being a huge Star Wars fan myself, how do you feel about the upcoming trilogy? Are you excited?

The Nerdy Stripper: I am SO excited! I think JJ Abrams has already done an amazing job reinventing old school sci-fi with the Star Trek films; I have every faith in him. And come on, how could they possibly be worse than I, II and III? Yuck.

That was the end of our interview. Twiggy “The Nerdy Stripper,” definitely knows her pop culture stuff. I mean, when was the last time you heard someone refer to Wishbone? She actually reminded me about that show I also used to watch as a kid. Just wanted to give a big thanks to The Nerdy Stripper and her manager Mike, for making the interview happen. Much thanks guys! Until our next edition of “The C-Word,” enjoy these pics of the Nerdy Stripper and be sure to follow and add her pages.

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Photo credit Keith Selle



Photo credit to Paul Hillier





How awesome does this look?! Photo credit Peter Chatterton