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The C-Word with Special Guest Ming Chen of AMC’s COMIC BOOK MEN!


Hey, hey, hey! It’s Chris Salce here bringing you a very special edition of “The C-Word.” Normally, the “C” in the name stands for cosplay but for this edition, the “C” stands for “Chen” and “comic,” as in Ming Chen from AMC’s “Comic Book Men.” This past weekend at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, I caught up with Ming and talked about pretty much everything. “Comic Book Men,” beardless Kevin Smith, beer, Salma Hayek and if Ming will appear in anymore Kevin Smith films. Here’s our hilarious interview…

Chris: When you guys first started the show, did you think it would end up being as big as it is? Did you think that when you’d be walking around, people would be like ‘hey! there’s Ming of ‘Comic Book Men!’?

Ming: I’m not gonna lie, it’s fun getting recognized. We don’t get too crazy like to where we are getting chased around when we are in our hotel rooms and stuff like that. Like I’ve heard stories from like Norman Reedus and the guys on ‘Walking Dead,’ they have psycho fans. We love our psycho fans cause we get a good story out of it. It’s fun. I love coming to cons, I love meeting people. It’s great.

Chris: On the show, everyone picks on you. Do the guys do it more when they see cameras, so they can embarrass you more or is it just like that all the time even when the cameras aren’t around?

Ming: No. People are always asking me if it’s like that in real life, it’s worse in real life. On the show, AMC has to cut things that are inappropriate and I would say about 80 percent of what Bryan says, gets cut out cause it’s not Showtime or HBO, so in real life, he says whatever he wants. It’s even worse but you know, he’s been making fun of me for eighteen years, so yeah it’s always been like that. You know, you have a group of friends, you always have that one friend that gets made fun of, I guess that’s me. I’m younger than them, I’m a little smaller and they all kinda grew up together. I came later so it’s just how things are. It’s how we do things in Jersey.

Chris: It’s hilarious to see but I’m like ‘man, poor Ming.’

Ming: I appreciate the sympathy

(As he finished answering this question, a woman came by and told Ming “I just want you to know, that you’re more than what they [the guys] make you seem. Ming then said “thank you,” as she walked away, then turned to me and said “and that my friend, is what’s awesome about being recognized.”)

Chris: How do you feel about beardless Kevin Smith?

Ming: It looks weird. I saw him yesterday without the beard. It’s starting to grow back a little bit but it’s odd. It really is odd. You think of Kevin Smith of like the Edmonton Oiler style jerseys and the beard and the glasses. He’s got a nice set of hair too but the beard is definitely a part of his outward appearance and not to see it, it’s weird.

Chris: Yeah, I seen the picture online, I don’t know how much weight he’s lost but it’s like if you see him, you wouldn’t recognize him if he’s just walking around. You can only tell it’s him cause he’s wearing the jerseys. I’m not used to it yet.

Ming: It’s coming back.

Chris: It’s like his signature thing.

Ming: One of them yes.

Chris: With ‘Comic Book Men,’ what can you tell us that we haven’t seen, that’s coming up?

Ming: So we’ve had three episodes air, we got one more coming up tonight, and then sixteen total. The ones that have aired have been pretty good, in my opinion. If you’re a comic book fan though, it’s gonna get even better. We have a couple of guest stars stopping in and when we were shooting them, I couldn’t believe they were there.

Chris: Awesome. I know you’re a fan of beer, have you had a chance to go to any breweries while you’ve been out here?

Ming: I haven’t had a chance to yet. I’ll be here a little bit longer, so maybe I’ll get a chance to. I’ve been drinking a lot of pumpkin beer lately and there’s this brewery in the east that makes this chocolate and peanut butter stout, it sounds weird but it’s great.

Chris: So, you’ve only been in one Kevin Smith film, is there any chance that you or Mike will be in an upcoming Smith film?

Ming: I haven’t had any speaking roles yet, but if you watch the widescreen version of ‘Dogma,’ you can see me in the strip club while Salma Hayek is stripping. If Kevin never puts me in a film again, I would have no problem with it at all cause that scene alone was awesome. I can live happy after that.

Chris: I would think so. You’d die a happy man.

It was awesome getting to interview Ming Chen, as I’m a huge fan of “Comic Book Men.” We even took a selfie together which I didn’t post because I think it may just be a thing for girls cause I just can’t seem to master it. Whomp, whomp.  Anyways, be sure to watch AMC’s “Comic Book Men” every Sunday night after “Talking Dead.” I hope you have enjoyed this very special edition of “The C-Word.” Until next time, this is Chris saying “do…or do not. There is no try.”