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The C-Word with the Latino Joker

Hello again everyone! Chris Salce here, bringing you a special edition of “The C-Word.” Why is it special you ask? Well in this edition, it marks the very first time that we have featured a male cosplayer! You may have seen him around…partying like it’s 1989 at some cons in the SoCal area. Or even maybe looking a tad bit too serious at others. This week, we have the Latino Joker. He’s been cosplaying different versions of the Joker for a few years and doing special FX makeup for about a year. Read the interview to see how his cosplay has evolved. (Oh…& be sure to read this interview with the Batman/Prince soundtrack playing in your head. It makes it even better).


Chris: Obviously with a name like “Latino Joker,” your are a fan of the Joker. So why the Joker? What is it about him that you love?

Latino Joker: Haha.. Funny thing about that name, Nuke the Fridge’s Louis Love gave me that name. He just started calling me that, so I ran with it. What isn’t there to love about the joker?!! He’s funny and he has the hot chick haha.

Chris: What is your favorite part about cosplay?

Latino Joker: I love the creativity that people put into their costume. Plus it’s also fun! It’s rewarding when people compliment your costume and how hard you’ve worked on it.

Chris: Your Jack Nicholson/Tim Burton Joker looks amazing. I see that you have done the Heath Ledger Joker as well. Have you thought about cosplaying as any other Joker? Maybe a Cesar Romero Joker? I think that would be a great homage with the name of “Latino Joker.”

Latino Joker: That was something that I’ve thought about in the future. And also maybe putting together an original design.

Chris: How long have you been doing special effects make up? I can tell you really use your make up skills in your cosplays.

Latino Joker: I’ve been doing spfx makeup just little over a year. I’m still learning but always eager to jump on projects.

Chris: You have also done some other cosplays which are not the Joker. Which one has been your favorite outside of The Joker?

Latino Joker: I’ve done some horror…I’m a huge fan of horror. I did an original leatherface mask and cosplayed as him. Also interested in becoming a clicker from the game “the last of us”

Leather Face. Photo credit The Hermitage Photography

Chris: Which cosplay takes the longest to put together?

Latino Joker: So far 1989 Joker takes me about 3 hours to complete

Chris: Are there any tips you can give to anyone that has thought about cosplaying or even tips for those that want to do special fx make up?

Latino Joker: Well the good thing about this day in age is that we have YouTube. That’s a great place to start. But if you’re looking for something more on the professional side, there’s tons of great schools that offer spfx makeup classes.

Chris: Out of all the Jokers, which version is your favorite and why?

Latino Joker: I saw 1989 Batman in the theaters when I was small and when Nicholson came out of the shadows introducing himself as the Joker, I was blown away. Then when Ledger took on the roll I was intrigued on why him?… Until I saw the trailer and all my emotions ran wild like if I was a child again. I’m just a batman fan!! I love joker in every era… But that’s live action… Let’s not get into the animated series because we all know who takes the cake!! Hahaha

Chris: Will you be attending any cons soon?

Latino Joker: So far on my list is Long Beach Comic Con, Comikaze and Nuke the Fridge Con.

The Latino Joker definitely improves his cosplay with each one that he does. I would have to say, I’ve never seen someone do the 1989 Nicholson Joker as well as he has. Be sure to check out his Facebook for more of his cosplays. Thank you once again, for coming back to “The C-Word.” I greatly appreciate it. Here are a few pics of his for you guys and gals to check out…

Tim Burton Joker, henchman, and Batman. Photo by York in A Box


Photo by York in A Box


Dark Knight Joker


Leather Face