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The C-Word with Cosplayer Meg Murrderher

Hey everyone! It’s Chris Salce here. I know it’s been quite some time since I did an edition of “The C-Word” but I’m back with another awesome edition. In this edition I interview the beautiful and awesome Meg Murrderher. Here is our interview, enjoy!

Poison Ivy Photo by SGH

Chris: On your fb bio, it says that you are “not a cosplay super star” but I have to say that your cosplays look pretty damn cool. How long have you been making your own costumes and cosplaying?

Meg Murrderher: Aww thanks, you’re a doll. I’ve been involved in this hobby for 6-7 years and plan on staying for the foreseeable future. I have lucked out and met some of the most interesting people and best friends thanks to costuming.

Chris: Do you have a favorite cosplay? I really love your Lobo cosplay because you never see a female Lobo, let alone people cosplaying as Lobo very often.

Lobo. Photo edit by SGH

Meg Murrderher: Lobo is for sure one of my favorites. I mean who doesn’t love the main man? It’s hard to choose a single favorite – but recently is was the Bride of Frankenberry. She was inspired by the art of Becca Whitaker and I received a ton of positive feedback on her. Favorite cosplay of all time? Probably Ash from Evil Dead 2. He was one of my first costumes and I’ve rocked him several times over the years. I can never get enough of being a loud mouth braggart.

Ash. Photo by SGH

Chris: I see that you do a lot of charity work. For me, when I get the chance to do it for the site, I jump on the chance cause it really is an amazing experience. What kind of charity work do you do and how has the experience been for you?

Meg Murrderher: I respect that immensely in you and your site. I work primarily with children’s charities, or local efforts that benefit the children of my community such as Toys for Tots. The experience is amazing. I’ve been given the opportunity to use my hobby to make little ones smile. If for but a moment they can hang out with their favorite hero or princess, forget the world around them and just indulge in purely being a kid? It’s worth every moment of my free time I can give. Something that I find really admirable in this community lately is the sheer number of geeks willing to rock spandex in order to raise money or bring joy to kids and adults a like, all in the name of charity.

Chris: You’re a horror and Sci-fi buff, what are some of your favorite shows or films from those genres?

Meg Murrderher: Oh man. This is the question I want to ramble on and on about but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. First and foremost I am a huge monster fan. King Kong, Godzilla, you name it. But Universal Monsters will always have my heart. Creature from the Black Lagoon is my all-time favorite movie monster (a close second would be the Wolfman). Then there are other classics I frequently indulge in such as anything in Hammer horror house, The Evil Dead trilogy, Re-animator (pretty much anything with Jeffrey Combs in it), Dead Alive, Hellraiser, etc. And of course – I’m all about the visual insanity that Japan seems to consistently produce. And as far as Sci-fi? My heart belongs to Star Trek. There’s not a single bad day that can’t be made better by some hot earl grey tea and a TNG marathon.

Chris: I read that you blog pretty often, where can we read these and what kind of stuff do you blog about?

Meg Murrderher: Me and a handful of girlfriends founded GoresTruly (http://www.gorestruly.com) – where I write about well…..horror surprisingly enough 😉

Chris: Do you have any tips for our readers that what to know how to get started cosplaying?

Meg Murrderher: Just do it. Indulge in your geekery (whatever that may be) and love it. I see so much hate bashing online – be it about size, gender, fandoms. Don’t listen to that noise. Celebrate who you are and what you love and you’ll be incredibly surprised to find there are a lot of people who share those loves too. And please don’t ever hesitate to ask questions. Need advice from someone who has done something you want to? Ask. They may be busy and take a while to get back to you but never consider anyone unapproachable. Oh and google. Google is your friend. Double sided tape too.

Chris: What characters would you like to cosplay as in the future?

Meg Murrderher: Creature from the Black Lagoon and Maria from Metropolis are my two all time goal costumes. But something in a more realistic timeframe would be Angelique (Hellraiser: Bloodline), Mary from American Mary and Bulma from Dragonball Z.

Chris: Will you be making any appearances at any cons soon?

Meg Murrderher: Next year I’ll be at Megacon in April, Dragon*Con in September and of course May-Hem in May and Spooky Empire in October.

Chris: This is a question I ask pretty often on “The C-Word,” if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Meg Murrderher: Oh man. To be honest I have no idea. Off the top of my head shape shifting like Mystique would be pretty rad. And save me a metric f*** ton of time making costumes too.

When I asked Meg for an interview, at first she thought that she wouldn’t be interesting enough to interview, in which I just laughed at because I knew she would definitely be an interesting person and she is. She has a style all of her own and as you can see, she’s all about having fun and living life. She is a sweetheart and I’m happy that she decided to do the interview. Make sure to add her on Facebook. I’ll leave you with some of her awesome cosplays and you can find a lot more pics on her page. Thanks again for reading “The C-Word.” This is Chris saying “Buzz! Your girlfriend! Woof!”



Lobo. Photo edit by SGH


Creature of the Black Lagoon. Photo by SGH


Bride of Frankenstein. Photo by SGH


Bride of Frankenberry


Vampirella. Photo by SGH





Valkyrie. Photo edit by SGH


April O’Neil. Photo by SGH


DC Bombshell Black Canary. Photo by SGH