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The C-Word with Cosplayer Lily Lovely

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first edition of “The C-Word” for 2015! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. To help me bring in the new year, is a cosplayer that goes by the name of Lily Lovely. Some of you may have seen her cosplay of Harley Quinn Tank Girl featured in my picks for best cosplays of 2014 or you may have seen her various conventions. Lily Lovely was very kind to take the time out to do this interview. I hope you all enjoy!

Kikyo. Photo by Brian Figureoa 

Chris: What got you into cosplay and what was your first cosplay?

Lily: I have always wanted to cosplay, just never had the chance to until I met friends that had the same interest as me. So that alone gave me the opportunity to do it. My first cosplay was Sailor Moon and Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I think my first Con/expo was of 2011? Maybe earlier.

Chris: What was the most difficult costume to make and which was the most difficult to wear?

Lily: Most difficult to make and wear was my WoW Night Elf. It was my very first time working with wonderflex. What made it worse is that I was so scraped on time that my quality suffered and I ended up not being happy with my end results. As an artist, I’m a huge perfectionist to begin, and my own worse critic so that made it a little more challenging for me. I really wish I had more time with it. I do plan on remaking my Night Elf in a few years to come.

WOW Night Elf


Chris: Do you have a favorite cosplay? If so, which one?

Lily: My favorite cosplay so far is my Harley Quinn and Tifa Lockhart. I am currently finishing my Neo Queen Serenity Cosplay, which I will be debuting at AX2015. So I’m really excited about that one. Once I have that done. I think that will be my new all time favorite cosplay. I’m a die hard Sailor Moon fan. Been one since she first appeared in America.

Harley Quinn Tank Girl. Photo by vsmak

Chris: What tips would you give to someone who wanted to get started cosplaying?

Lily: My tips would have to be, to have fun with it. Period. It doesn’t matter if you know everything or nothing to making a costume from scratch. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed if you buy your first costumes from someone else. In fact, I doesn’t matter regardless. You are just doing it to have fun. Be who ever you want to be. Cosplay does not have a standard or limitation for just skinny or ethnic specifics for certain people, for certain characters. ANYONE can dress as ANY character. But, if you are trying to go more towards professional level cosplay, then it’s best that you do know how to make costumes,or even prop work. If you can’t do them, try and learn. Ask for help. If you still can’t no matter how hard you try. then make sure you acknowledge the peoples work, and let people know who was the one that helped you. Give credit when credit is due. But no matter the level you are in, beginner or professional. You must HAVE FUN! Or else…what’s the point.

Chris: What cosplays would you love to do in the future?

Lily: There are FAR too many for me to list and even more that I haven’t had the chance to think up. My list keeps growing and growing. I am open to suggestions from my fans. They actually helped me a lot when I would get stuck on who to do next. Or even remind me of ones I really wanted to do, but had forgotten all about, due to so many costumes I had lined up prior. I just hope that I can just keep continuing to do what I love, with people I love that have been supporting me via friends, family, fans. Without them, I would just be another little nerd dreaming of doing this. They gave me the confidence and the push do to it.

Chris: I know you’re a big fan of anime, for a person like me who doesn’t really know a thing about anime, (though I did like “High School of the Dead”), what would be some anime that you would suggest?

Lily: That’s a hard one. I have a few friends actually that know very little, to nothing about anime. I had suggested some, but they still couldn’t get into it. It’s usually solely on the fact that its an animation, and that they usually keep the stigma on how anime is in their eyes. How it’s overly perverted, or having to do with incest and pornographic nature, and this and that…I mean they are not ENTIRELY wrong haha, but they are not entirely right either. There are tons of anime like that. But that is the point of that genre of anime. Not everyone has to like it and clearly not every one has to watch it. To each their own. And I do have to say..that genre of anime can be pretty damn funny. But all in all. It depends on the person. I say if you have never watched anime before, then just think about your already favorite genres of films you watch. Do you like action? Then try to go with more action packed animes. Do you like Horror? Syfy? Gore? Romance? Etc. Usually that can help you ease on into anime. There are lots of great animes out there, as well as some…not so good ones. But that is how it’s like with ALL films out there that are live-action and so forth. You still give it a chance to see how it will turn out. Good or not, you still watched, gave it a try and moved on to the next. Try that out with anime. Sometimes even Manga can help you ease into the anime. Nevertheless, give anime a try. It’s amazing!

Chris: Will you be attending any conventions coming up?

Lily: Yes, I always go to cons. Maybe not all of them, but I try to go to as many as I can. I will be attending AX2015, and will continue yearly. That was my very first con/expo, its my baby. I will like to go to ComicCon but that is always sold out before I get the chance haha. I might finally be able to go to WonderCon this year. Crossing my fingers. Hopefully one day, I will get out there enough, where someone can help sponsor me or maybe someone can put in a good word so I can get my own booth at a con. That would be so nice. It would give me more of an opportunity to mingle more with my fans.

Chris: If you can have one super power, what would it be and why?

Lily: To be able to predict the out come of all situations on earth to be given the chance to correct things. Like the guy who was “God” in Men in Black 3. Unless I’m completely thinking of a different movie. That super power would be crazy to have. If I had to pick something simpler then it would be to fly.

As you can see, Lily Lovely has a huge love for cosplay, friends, family and her fans. I want to thank Lily Lovely once again for letting me for letting me interrogate her with all these questions haha. Here are some photos of Lily Lovely’s cosplays and you can see more by following her on Instagram @_Lilylovelycosplay_ and add her on Facebook.

This concludes this edition of “The C-Word.” For Nuke the Fridge, this is Chris Salce saying “victims…aren’t we all?”



Mikuru Asahina: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Cammy White


Cammy White


Psylocke. Photo by Manny Llanura


Tifa Lockhart Photo by Manny Llanura