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The C-Word with Cosplayer Jillstyler

Hey, hey, hey everyone! As always, this is Chris Salce with yet another edition of The C-Word. This will be the last interview of the year but don’t worry, next week I’ll bring you a special edition of The C-Word where I will take you through the best cosplays of 2014! As for this week, I bring you a cosplayer all the way from Spain! She goes by the name of Jillstyler cosplay. This interview was a different one because of the translations we had to do back and forth, so it took a while to get through but we still made it work and it was another awesome one. So here you go, my interview with Jillstyler!

Chris: What is the costume That took you the longest to make?

Jillstyler: Jill Valentine Resident Evil Revelations, a month sewing every day.

Jill Valentine Resident Evil Revelations. Photo by Jonathan Durán


Chris: How different is the cosplay scene in Spain?

Jillstyler: In Spain, it’s slowly being respected but there is still plenty of time for people to see and appreciate this hobby, without being weirdos or pieces of meat.

Chris: It looks like you are a pretty big gamer. What are some of your favorite video games? What video games are you currently playing?

Jillstyler: My favorite games are the saga of Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, Tekken, dog live etc.Currently I am playing Resident evil Revelations .

Chris: Do you have any tips for our readers want to get into cosplay?

Jillstyler: Never forget who you are, do not be afraid of what people might think or say about you. And be patient and constant. Not everything is perfect the first time.

Chris: Do you Attend a lot of conventions? Will you be attending any in the near future?

Jillstyler: I go 4 events per year or less depending on my money but I would like to be able to go to an event outside Spain.

Chris: If you can Have any super power, what would it be and why?

Jillstyler: I would like to be like Wolverine, your wounds heal very quickly to scars because I’m very clumsy hahaha.

Jillstyler was a total sweetheart. She was worried that the interview wouldn’t come out right do to language barriers but we worked it out and she pulled out another great interview for “The C-Word” and it is greatly appreciated. I hope all of you liked it and be sure to add her on Facebook. I’ll leave you with a few more photos from Jillstyler cosplay.

Remember, next week I’ll wrap of the year with the best cosplays of 2014! Some of you may make the list so come back to find out! For Nuke the Fridge, this is Chris Salce saying “Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my a**. Kiss his a**. Kiss your a**. Happy Hanukkah.”


Jill Valentine Res 3. Photo and photo edit by Jonathan Durán


Photo by Jonathan Durán


Jill Valentine BSAA Res 5. Photo by Jonathan Durán Photography


Tomb Raider Underworld. Photo by Jonathan Durán


Tomb Raider Legend


Power Girl. Photo by Lucy Styler


Elf Night (WOW). Photo by Florencia Sofen