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Well, it looks like this whole “C-Word” thing seems to be catching on quite a bit, so therefore, I’m bringing you guys and gals another edition of “The C-Word.” (The last one before Comic-Con). This time I interviewed the multi-talented cosplayer, Jeanne Killjoy. Jeanne Killjoy not only dabbles in cosplay but has a real passion for wrestling. So much passion, that not even an injury will stop her. Here is our interview:


Chris: How did you first get started in cosplaying?

Jeanne Killjoy: I very first got started in cosplay in middle school when my friends and I would dress up as our favorite video game and anime characters (at the time we didn’t know it was called cosplaying and LARPing *laughs). It wasn’t until after high school that I would actually take the time to do a really nice cosplay and go to my first convention.

Chris: Do you make your own costumes? If so, how long did it take you to make your most complexed costume?

Jeanne Killjoy: I started cosplaying regularly in 2010 and when I started I couldn’t make a single thing. At most I could make a small accessory or hem my skirts from pre-made cosplays. As time has gone on, I’ve been making more and more of my own cosplays, working with new materials, dying/painting fabric, etc. Out of the cosplays I’ve made, I’d have to say either Elektra or Gambit took the longest. Elektra was the first cosplay I completely made so I really took my time with it and even though I made a lot of mistakes, I was really happy. I spent SO MUCH TIME on Gambit. It took awhile as well because there was so much trial and error with the pants. In the end, I ended up taking black leggings and slapping on pink duct tape.


Elektra photo by Mind Fall Media

Chris: Which cosplay of yours, is your favorite so far?

Jeanne Killjoy: This is such a hard question! I’d probably have to go with either Rogue or Gambit though.


X-men Legacy Rogue photo by OhHeyItsSK


Gender Bend Gambit photo by P Karpey Photography

Chris: I see that you also do some wrestling. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Jeanne Killjoy: Absolutely! I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life. I used to watch it with my dad and brother growing up. Fast forward to Philly Wizard World 2012. There was a wrestling booth and my friend told me he got me tickets for a show down the street after the con. I went, and it ended up being my first Indy show, the first time I even knew Indy wrestling existed. After that, I was like “yup! Need to do this!” I looked into schools and started training last year. Over that year, I’ve broken my leg, came back stronger and more determined, and I’m just recently getting to wrestle at shows.


Chris: What is your finishing move called?

Jeanne Killjoy: I don’t exactly have a name for it yet, but currently it’s a springboard bulldog

Chris: How similar is cosplay and wrestling?

Jeanne Killjoy: Aside from the epic amounts of spandex? (Laughs)…I think a major similarity is that people (both those involved and observers) are willing to suspend reality and enter a fantasy world for a bit. Some characters are more complex and out there than others, but it’s like that for both cosplay and wrestling.

Chris: What is your favorite thing about cosplay?

Jeanne Killjoy: I love getting to become someone else, and not just becoming another character, but getting to share my fandoms with others. I’ve made so many life-long friends through cosplay.

Chris: How has everyone reacted to your cosplay? Whether it’s on social media or in person at cons.

Jeanne Killjoy: I’m really grateful to have the supportive and respectful fans that I do. I constantly hear about the cosplay ≠ consent, and though I fully support that, I haven’t had much experience with it. There will always be the perverts and people who don’t know how to have a filter or talk to people. However, the positive feedback heavily outweighs the negative. It feels really good when I’m stopped at a con for a photo and the person asking for the photo is just as excited to see a character they love brought to life.

Chris: What tips would you give to those that have thought about cosplaying, but have no clue where or how to get started?

Jeanne Killjoy: Start simple! Pick a character you love, and if you feel comfortable making it then make it. If not, it’s totally okay to purchase it. I am constantly asked this question and not only do a panel on it at conventions, but also made a video about it on my YouTube channel.

Chris: What else interests you other than cosplay?

Jeanne Killjoy: I’m not going to lie, wrestling pretty much owns my soul (laughs)…however, other than cosplay and wrestling, I love writing, reading, playing video games, and binge watching Netflix.

Chris: What video games are you playing as of late?

Jeanne Killjoy: There’s so many great ones out right now! The last two I played were DanganRonpa and Conception II…I have a few on my wish-list though, including Mind Zero, Hyperdemension Neptunia, Demon Gaze, Deception IV…and I have so many pre-orders including DanganRonpa 2, Pokemon, Persona Q…my poor wallet!

Chris: What shows have you been binge watching? ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘Clone Wars’ and ‘Orange is the New Black,’ are a few of my faves.

Jeanne Killjoy: I just went through and re-watched all 7 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’ve also been watching A LOT of wrestling from the attitude era as well as some old animes.

Chris: The attitude era was the best. Those were the good ol’ days. What do you have in mind for your next cosplay?

Jeanne Killjoy: I have a few in mind. Sadly, I’m not sure what conventions I’ll be wearing them to with my wrestling schedule, however, the next few cosplays I have planned are: Super Sonico, Kyouko from DanganRonpa, Ruby from RWBY, and Yukina from Strike The Blood.

Chris: Will you be making any appearances at any con coming up or do you have any shoots coming up?

Jeanne Killjoy: I should be at attendance at Otakon for a day, Monster Mania in August, Anime USA, and possibly NYCC.

Chris: Thank you for being so cool to take the time to do this. I really do appreciate it.

Jeanne Killjoy: Thank you for interviewing me!

Getting to know Jeanne through the interview, I learned that she is a woman that does not give up. To come back from an injury and go back to doing what her passion was, that is guts, heart, and is an real inspiration. The best of luck to Jeanne with the career and I’ll be rooting for her when she becomes a regular on Monday Night Raw, one of these days. Jeanne has already appeared on Raw as one of Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds.”

As the “C-Word” catches on more, hopefully I can bring you guys and gals some video interviews eventually.

Here are some different cosplays of Jeanne Killjoy and be sure to check out her Youtube channel for more tips on cosplay and be sure to follow her on Facebook. Jeanne also is an active blogger and has a blogspot.

Here are just a few of Jeanne Killjoy’s many cosplays:


Psylocke photo by Mindfall Media. Costume by Vengeance Designs



Uncanny X-men Rogue photo by Jason Linetsky Photography



Ms. Marvel (Leigh Alexander) vs Rogue photo by Mindfall Media




Black Widow photo by Swankorama



Ibuki Mioda: DanganRonpa 2 Photo by Arejay


And here are a couple of Jeanne Killjoy’s wresting pics:


Photo by Mark Griffin Jr. Wrestling Photography



“The one time” Jeanne was a Power Ranger photo by Chris Grasso