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The C-Word with Cosplayer Serenity

The C-Word is back! Chris Salce here brining you another edition of The C-Word, after a few weeks of hiatus. I’m happy to say that we have another great cosplayer interview to show you guys and gals. This is my interview with Serenity, formerly known as Elle Cosplay to her fans. Serenity is a cosplayer that has had the passion of making her own costumes and dressing up, since she was a child. This love for crafting costumes sparked an interest in what we now know as cosplay. See how far Serenity has come.

Deadpool and Domino. Photo by Ailes Noir Cosplay Photography

Chris: How long have you been making your own costumes and cosplaying for?

Serenity: That is a hard question to answer. I have been sewing since I was a little girl (around 5 or 6) and making costumes for dress up, school and halloween since that time…but I’ve only been cosplaying for just over four years

Chris: You have a good amount of awards, which I’m sure all were great moments in your cosplay career. Is there one award that really stands out to you?

Serenity: The awards have ranged all over the place but I truly enjoy winning workmanship awards more than I do my presentations. However one award that sticks out for me the most was actually presentation award at Fan Expo 2014, best in the master division for presentation. It stands out because it was the first time I had choreographed something for the stage in years that involved another person. Though the moves weren’t difficult or high energy, it was about telling a story and portraying a break up, something we did very well

Chris: What cosplay has been the most challenging to make and which one has been the most challenging to wear?

Serenity: The most challenging costume to date that I have made had to be my Princess Serenity ballgown as it was all hand beaded and hand sewn on appliques that I made myself. On top of that it was a lot of chiffon to work with to make sure it draped perfectly However the most difficult costume I have ever worn was my Starfire two years ago because of the weight of the wig and the amount of bodypaint I had to do.

Chris: Do you have any tips for our readers that want to know how to get started with cosplay?

Serenity: My biggest tip for people who are starting is this (and it always gets ignored) start simple. Pick something with no detailing, no beading and no embelishments. If you can create a simple, clean piece and work out the kinks of learning the basics, you will be able to move onto those harder concepts with ease and have a much better and less frustrating time improving your work. I find that people aim to high, get disappointed and then just add detailing overtop of flaws but never go back and learn the basics. (examples: pleated skirt, simple gloves, a boot cover, a fitted bodice…)

Chris: What hobbies do you have when you’re not cosplaying or making a costume?

Serenity: When I’m not doing that I enjoy my video games, singing and drawing. My favorite systems (no laughing) are Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. I adore playing all games to do with Sonic the Hedgehog, Starfox and Legend of Zelda. I also enjoy drawing and painting works of art to decorate my room

Chris: If you can have any super power, what would it be and why?

Serenity: I would want Flight. I have no idea why but I guess its just another link I have with my favorite character starfire. Flight is freedom and there is just something about weightlessness that reminds me of how you feel in your most joyous moments. To be able to harness that feeling at will would be magical to say the least.

Chris: What characters would you like to cosplay as in the future?

Serenity: I have so many plans coming up in the next few months which include Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elsa (to name the disney) along with Rogue, more Starfire and Zelda.

Chris: Will you be making any appearances at any upcoming conventions?

Serenity: I will be appearing at Genre-con (Guelph) , Tri-con (kitchener) and Frostcon as a Guest for their conventions, running panels and judging some competitions.

Serenity’s creativity as a child ultimately resulted in earning many cosplay awards and she shows no sign of stopping. Go follow her on Facebook to see more of her awesome cosplays. Here are a few of Serenity’s favorites, as selected by Serenity herself. Thank you all for coming back to Nuke the Fridge and there will be more to come.

Original concept based on Elsa if she was kept a villain. Photo by Ailes Noir Cosplay Photography


Princess Serenity. Photo by Ailes Noir Cosplay Photography


Rapunzel. Photo by Trillance