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“The C-Word” with Cosplayer Bombshell

It’s about that time again! Chris Salce here, brining you yet another edition of “The C-Word.” If you’ve missed out on the first two editions, don’t worry, I’ll post the links to them at the bottom.

In this edition, I bring you a cosplayer that’s a bit new to the game yet, her cosplays would have you think that she has been doing this for quite some time. Bombshell is her name and she brings a bit of her own style to the cosplay game. Here is Bombshell’s interview, enjoy…


Steampunk Ariel photo by TC Photo

Chris: How did you get started with cosplay?

Bombshell: My friend Miss Piratesavvy actually helped me get me into it. I had always wanted to cosplay and she showed me the ropes.

Chris: Awesome, so when did you get started? What was your first cosplay?

Bombshell: I officially got started back in January I think? I’m still pretty new. My first cosplay was of Black Widow (First Avengers version).

Chris: Oh yes, I just seen those pics on your Facebook.

Bombshell: What’s funny was I had wanted to cosplay but had no idea how to start off, so I ended up borrowing everything from Piratesavvy (laughs).

Chris: (Laughs) So was that that one of her costumes?

Bombshell: Yes and no. The outfit was made up of bits and pieces from her other costumes (laughs). I ended up making a whole new belt for it later on.

Chris: Oh, so you recycled and put your own touch on it. Cool!

Bombshell: Yeah. I’m slowly learning how to sew and make new things.

Chris: What was the hardest part of a costume that you had to make?

Bombshell: So far, it was using resin to mold the gems for Raven’s belt. Everything was going wrong with it. I actually had cuts down my hands from having to cut the resin from the molds (laughs).

Chris: Wow! That means you’re pretty hardcore when it comes to cosplay then. About how long do you think it took you to finish it?

Bombshell: I’m trying to be (laughs). I know I still have tons to learn. The belt took me a few days. I definitely have different techniques I’m trying for next time.

Chris: What do you have in mind for your next cosplay?

Bombshell: My next cosplay will be a femme scorpion from MK (Mortal Kombat). That one will also be involving using new methods and materials so I’m pretty excited about it.

Chris: What?! That already sounds awesome!

Bombshell: (Laughs) Thanks! I’m doing a group cosplay for Comikaze for that one.

Chris: Cool! I’ll most likely be there as well. Can’t wait to see all of the awesomeness.

Bombshell: Yeah, it should be a great turn out.

Chris: I was looking at your cosplays and I noticed that they have a certain style to them. I don’t know if I would call it steampunk style but more of a Darth Giggity style (laughs). It seems like you just put your own spin on the characters.

Bombshell: (Laughs) I actually love steampunk. I end up integrating when I can.

Chris: Which cosplay of yours has been your favorite so far?

Bombshell: My Ariel. She’s far from finished but the amount of little girls I got smiles from when I wore her, made my day.

Chris: That one was awesome. Totally caught my eye with that one. So the reaction to your cosplay has been pretty good so far?

Bombshell: Thanks. It definitely has. I’ve had a ton of support which has been wonderful.

Chris: Have you had any awkward cosplay stories yet?

Bombshell: Gosh, no. Thankfully (laughs).

Chris: (Laughs) That’s always a plus. I’ve heard some pretty horrible ones (laughs). I’ve even seen some pretty awkward situations happen with fans towards cosplayers.

Bombshell: I believe it too. I’m just crossing my fingers at this point (laughs).

Chris: I’ll cross mine for you (laughs). What is the best part about cosplay life so far for you?

Bombshell: Oh my God, the creativity! It blows my mind what people can do! I’ve also met so many wonderful people and gained a lot of confidence in myself through it. It’s kind of funny but if you can walk down the street in full makeup and cosplay while still having fun, it’s definitely a confidence booster.

Chris: I’ve always wanted to cosplay but I don’t know how to make anything. I usually did costumes out of stuff I already had in my closet (laughs).

Bombshell: (Laughs) Try it! Almost anyone will give you advice too. I always ask people at cons how they make things. You never know what you’ll learn.

Chris: I was thinking about it. Maybe for Comic-con…which only gives me about a week to pull something off (laughs).

Bombshell: (Laughs) Well get working!

Chris: Yes ma’am! What other interests do you have other than cosplay?

Bombshell: I’m also into hoop dancing (Youtube it. It’s incredible). I like to crochet when it’s not too hot and I looooove to cook.

Chris: Hoop dancing…I’ve never heard of it. I picture dancing while using a hula hoop.

Bombshell: Kind of. More like in harmony with it.

Chris: So I think that’s all of the questions I had. Thank you so much for taking the time to be questioned (laughs).

Bombshell: Anytime!

There you have it, another C-Word comes to an end. Bombshell is a type of person that you can have inside jokes with right away (and believe me, we do). ¬†This was a really fun interview and once again, I thank you Bombshell, not only for the interview, but for the tips and laughs. Bombshell is a lot like her Facebook profile says, “a cartoon character with enough energy to fill a stadium.” Oh and by the way, when all of you guys and gals get a chance, Youtube hula dancing. She was not kindling in how great it is. I could watch it for days. I even kidded around saying that I felt like Mowgli and the hula dancing video was Kaa.

Here are some more of Bombshell’s awesome cosplays:



Bombshell’s Raven. Photo by Sonny Meas


Bombshell’s version of steampunk Leia. Photo by York In A Box
Bombshell and Myself at Wonder Con 2014 

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