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Hey everyone! Chris Salce here, welcoming you to the last Comic-con cosplay edition of “The C-Word.” In this very special edition, our photographer Carlos Duncan, had a pretty great idea to capture cosplayers doing ordinary things, during the San Diego Comic-Con. Think about it. Have you ever seen Crossbones washing his hands? Roger Rabbit smoking a cigarette, or Iron Man getting caught checking his phone? Well thanks to Carlos, you no longer have to ever wonder how it would look. Now, you can just laugh and look at it. Here are some hilarious pics of cosplayers going out of character to do everyday, ordinary things.

(Photos by Carlos Duncan)


Crossbones and Superman making sure they have good hygiene and look good, before destroying the city



Even Magneto gets an appetite. They never show that in the comics.



Newspapers still exist somewhere in space



Even superheroes need a break

No matter who you are, you still have to update your status…






Check out Iron Man in the back



Even Princess Peach needs a pick me up



Who can resist free subs?



Even Tink’s magic fairy dust can’t get her to the front of the lines at Comic-Con



Roger needs a smoke break



What a drag…



A roundhouse kick from Rex is pretty ordinary…right?



Captain America serves the citizens in more than one way. By keeping them refreshed.


Well that’s all for our special Comic-con editions of “The C-Word.” Big thanks to Carlos Duncan for these amazing pics. We hoped you all enjoyed the cosplay galleries. As you can see, we had a great time at this year’s Comic-Con. Comeback tomorrow for an interview with cosplayer Twiggy, “The Nerdy Stripper.” It’s a good one! Same Nuke time, same Nuke channel!