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Burger King’s black burger is coming for Halloween


While it’s normal for fast food chains to release promotional items to bring in customers, this one is a bit of a surprise as Burger King announced it will be selling the infamous Black Burger in honor of Halloween in a regular cheeseburger or Whopper option.

Originally released last year only via Burger King’s in Japan, it was called the Kuro (Black) burger. The buns where made black by using bamboo charcoal, with squid ink added to the cheese giving it that black color,  however none of that will be used in the burgers released in the States.


A lot of people cringe of the thought at the burger, some interested in how it may taste. Last year while I was in Japan, I actually made a stop at Burger King to try the burger, and to be honest it tasted like a regular burger. There wasn’t really that much difference it was all just in the look.

So are you interested in trying the new burger, or is it something you will just pass on?