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Bungie reveals the next chapter of Destiny 2

Guardians, it’s time to head to the battlefield. Just ahead of e3, Bungie announced it’s plans for Destiny 2. Now that Bungie has split with Activision and has complete control of the Destiny franchise, Bungie aims to push Destiny the way they want to. Along with some new content heading our way, the biggest news is Destiny 2 becoming free-to-play. Destiny 2: New Light will surely become the new future of the Destiny franchise and more closely to Bungie’s original vision.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – The latest expansion taking the fight back to the moon
  • Destiny 2 will be heading to Steam
  • Cross-saves across all platforms, which are PC, XB1, PS4, and Google’s Stadia.
  • No more PS4 exclusive content, new content available on all platforms.
  • Destiny 2: New Light – Free-to-play available 9/17 with all Year 1 content

The biggest draw has to be the move to Free-to-play. This will allow new players to jump in and experience a good amount of what Destiny has to offer without full commitment. The new expansion, Shadowkeep, can also be purchased without any previous expansions. This would allow new players to jump into endgame content fast without any pay walls holding them back. As a huge fan of Destiny who skipped Destiny 2 altogether, I’m really looking forward to what Bungie has planned for us.

You can read more about Bungie’s renouncement here.