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Bungie and Activision split, while Bungie retains rights to Destiny

According to a report from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Bungie has announced that it has split from Activision after an eighgt year partnership and best of all it has retained the rights to Destiny.

While Destiny first released back in 2014, it seems the tension between the two companies began long before then. While Destiny has its fair share of issues, it was when Destiny 2 released that so many more problems came to life as the game focused more on paid content as well as less content than the original game and even blocking out some content with the release of a new expansion which would later be fixed.

While Bungie has worked to improve the game as player numbers began dwindling, the latest expansion Destiny 2: Forsaken was exactly what the game needed but unfortunately, it seems Activision wasn’t impressed as the game failed to meet the companies’ sale standards.

While this means, it may be awhile before we see Destiny 3. It gives Bungie a lot more creative control to create the game they really wanted. Sure, having Activision helping them opened so many doors but in the end it was the focus on how much money could be made from the game that ended up hurting it so now Bungie can focus on the experience they want to give players which is never a bad thing. Now all we can do is wait and see what comes next.