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Hands-On with Buddy Adventures: Attack of the Wompas!

Working in an office, shooting zombies, running away from ghosts, and fighting in giants mechs, these are just a few of the things I’ve done thanks Virtual Reality and honestly I can’t wait to see what else comes next.

While most of these games are geared for an older audience, I’ve always been surprised that there aren’t that many games being developed for younger ones, or at least that I know of. Sure the equipment isn’t exactly cheap, so it’s not like your average kid is going to afford one, but I’m pretty sure there is still a demand for games and recently I had a chance to try a game that’s made for that younger audience: Buddy Adventures: Attack of the Wompas!

Developed by Rocket Worldwide, Attack of the Wompas is a third-person shooter that puts you on an adventure with Buddy, Rocket’s flagship character who at the start of the game is captured by creatures known as the Wompas. A third-person shooter, made for children 8 and up, is actually something that I found pretty enjoyable.

At the start of the game, you and Buddy zip-line down to an area below where you can spend about a minute enjoying the scenery before a floating ship starts attacking you. As you land, Buddy is captured and your mission now is to save him from the Wompas. But why is Buddy captured? Since Buddy is a dog, the Wompas simply wanted to make him a pet for the Wompa King. They aren’t bad creatures, just misguided.

As you are attacked by the Wompas who are trying to stop you, you must fight back using various weapons at your disposal. In the build I was playing, I was able to use a crossbow which let me fire at the Wompas quickly, and a bow and arrow which required me to pull back on the left controller and aim with the right as if I was really firing a bow and arrow. This was pretty fun once you were able to learn the arrow’s trajectory.

The size of the first map I played was pretty large. I found myself in what looked to be a forest filled with mushrooms and a train track where you often see a train roaming around you and can actually destroy and shoot. I eventually found myself in a castle where the Wompa King was seen at the top, though I actually never made it to the top during my playthrough. This is only one part of the adventure with more to come as Rocket Worldwide plans to make this a series for everyone to enjoy.

There is quite a bit of work going into the game. While I only saw one type of Wompa in the build at the time as well as the King Wompa, I was shown artwork of young Wompas you will eventually meet in the game. I was also shown some advertisements that will appear in the game which fit it really well into the fun nature. While it isn’t the most amazing looking game, it had a lot of charm to it without being overwhelming.

Buddy Adventures: Attack of the Wompas! will be released in the Summer for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Microsoft MR and looks to be a pretty fun adventure for kids and adults to enjoy.

*Based on an early build of the game.