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Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back Is A Cat-astrophe

Back during the old console wars in the early 90’s you had two mascots who stood head and shoulders above every other company. Although these two were rivals, Mario from Nintendo and Sonic from Sega, they would define entertainment to a generation of fans through their games. There were plenty of other mascots that tried to stand close to these two but none other are as infamous as Bubsy The Bobcat. Bubsy rose through the ranks, winning awards and praise until 1999 when developers Accolade shut down their studio leaving Bubsy in “purrrrrr-gatory” for over 2 decades. In 2017, studio Accolade made a shocking comeback to announce their return with Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. So is the game any good?

Unfortunately not.

Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back was a very underwhelming experience from the moment the first level begins. The game follows Bubsy as he tries to find his precious Golden Fleece from his arch enemies, The Woolies.

Right off the bat, with the tutorial level and 3 boss stages, there are only 14 levels in the game. Not bad right? That is before you find out that each stage can be beat in less than 3 minutes. The reasoning behind this is the combination of average level design and the move set. Bubsy has a few moves up his sleeve. He can jump, glide, and perform a pounce. That’s about it. The pounce has zero control to it so you have to calculate the trajectory of his pounce right or else you may jump over your enemy or miss a platform which in both cases, can cause death.

Each level in an average platformer is supposed to feel like it’s leading up to its climax but in this game each level feels exactly the same with just a few changes in environments. One level you’ll be climbing a wall in a field and in another you’re doing the same exact thing in a lava level. The game maintains this consistent rate of average levels with no real change in difficulty or detail in obstacles. In each level you can find an extra shirt that acts as a barrier of some sorts, protecting you from one extra hit. It is incredibly easy to just run right through the level with little to no resistance within a minute once you grab one, which is why I beat the game in less than an hour.

The graphics for the game are average, with the audio disassociating you from any fun you would have in the game. Stock royalty free sound effects are littered throughout the game causing any sense of immersion to go right out the window. Many graphical and sound issues plague this game as well as, in my opinion, the single worst animated sprite for an overworld I’ve ever seen, leaving you to wonder how this game could be worth $29.99. I can tell you why right now. Cat puns.

If you are looking for a game with more cat puns than your crazy neighbor Gertrude then you’ve hit the jackpot. Although not as many as previous games, Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back has an abundant amount of puns from each level being a cat pun, to everything Bubsy says, to even small details like how Bubsy always starts a level with nine lives. The game really makes purrrrrrr-fect use of puns, which is to expect of Accolade.

Bubsy: The Woolies Strike back is a short, overpriced, average title that makes you think of Bubsy more as an afterthought of a historic era in gaming rather than a returning veteran.

Nuke the Fridge Score – 4/10