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Bruce Campbell Discusses ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Details

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Bruce Campbell discussed the upcoming Starz television show, “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” and in the process revealed a few key details…  not every single tiny little detail, but basically some.

Bruce Campbell4

A report indicates that Ash Williams (Campbell) will be, “living in a trailer park and working his latest thankless big-box store job when a return of the Deadites prompts him to take a road trip with two young co-workers.”

With fans worrying about the television version holding back and being sanitized, they may be in for quite a shock. Campbell had this to say.

“We’re going to give people a little of the old fashioned splatstick. Horror and comedy. The fans have been really good to us over the years. This is an opportunity to do something with full street cred… Something we’re doing is taking the horror parts very seriously. We’re not making fun of the horror aspects. And it’s going to cause Ash – this crabby middle-aged man who doesn’t want to get dragged back into this – a lot of problems.”

Bruce Campbell1

He continued.

“He’s not the Ash he used to be… And the beauty of Starz is there’s no content issues. Let’s face it: Fans want the carnage and the mayhem. So we intend to give them quite the explosion of viscera. Most of it directed at me, unfortunately.”

The “Ash vs. Evil Dead” project will arrive on Starz sometime in 2015. Bruce Campbell will star. Sam Raimi will direct the first episode and serve as executive producer alongside Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell. Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy wrote the series. Ivan Raimi will serve as co-executive producer with Aaron Lim as producer.

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