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Bruce Banner and Black Widow Video Clip from “The Avengers”

Actor Mark Ruffalo appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” Saturday evening and surprised the audience with a new video clip from “The Avengers.”  The clip features an intense encounter between the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo,) who is trying to get Banner/The Hulk to join The Avenger’s team.

“The Avengers” stars:

Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man)

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff (The Black Widow)

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Samuel L. Jackson as Col. Nick Fury

Paul Bettany as Jarvis (voice)

Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts

Amanda Righetti as Sharon Carter

Stellan Skarsgård as Dr. Erik Selvig

Harry Dean Stanton as Security Guard

Cobie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill

Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Lou Ferrigno as The Incredible Hulk (voice)

Jenny Agutter as Female council member

Joseph M. Abbott as Businessman (uncredited)

Logan Bennett as SHIELD Agent (uncredited)

Bob Kaye as Bridge SHIELD Agent (uncredited)

Darren Kendrick as Frost Giant Sentry (uncredited)

Frank Powers as SHIELD Agent (uncredited)

Alicia Sixtos as Female Bridge-Tech (uncredited)

J.J. Perry as Vampire in Post-Credits Scenes (uncredited)

Naeem Uzimann as Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)

“The Avengers” is scheduled for a May 4th, 2012 release.  Zak Pen and Joss Whedon wrote the script.  Joss Whedon directs.

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