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Broly and Bardock Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ

It seems that the first of Dragon Ball Fighter Z DLC is coming soon as a recent ad from Japan has revealed that the next two characters coming are fan favorite characters Bardock and Broly.

(The legendary Super Saiyan)Broly possesses unimaginable strength and his character in the game will most likely reflect that. Similar to that of larger sized characters in other fighting games, Broly will be a powerhouse with ridiculous reach. His level three Super is called “Gigantic Meteor”, not else is known about his Super at this time.

Bardock(the father of Goku) is similar in looks to his son, Goku, but wears the traditional Saiyan armor. No news yet on his moveset although thanks to the latest scans we know his level three Super is called “Revenger Assault” which, when used, wreaks havoc on the battlefield.

Stay tuned for more details.