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PLEASE USE FULL CAPTION/F The Lunatic, The Lover, and The Poet Compiled and Performed by Brian Bedford Tom Patterson Theatre August 6 to August 30, 2002 Photo of Brian Bedford by Gabor Jurina. PLEASE NOTE: This image is property of the Stratford Festival of Canada and may not be archived for future use. This image may be used for promotion and news purposes only during the current Stratford Festival season. Use after Nov. 10, 2002 must be approved by the Festival and is subject to terms of collective agreements and other conditions that may be placed on them by the Festival.

Brian Bedford, Voice of Disney’s ‘Robin Hood’, Has Died

Actor Brian Bedford, who voiced Robin Hood in the Disney classic, passed away Wednesday at the age of 80, after a battle with cancer.



Bedford was a Tony-award winner and appeared in 1995’s Nixon, as well as had appearances on television series such as Cheers, Murder She Wrote, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The actor had a very successful career on stage and was inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame in 1997.

Bedford is survived by his husband, actor Tim MacDonald.