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Borderlands 3 Finally Revealed With Trailer

At long last, after years of anticipation and speculation the trailer of the elusive and highly anticipated title Borderlands 3 has finally dropped. Randy Pitchford showed off the trailer to fans at PAX East today who were patiently waiting through technical difficulties.

The trailer shows off the 4 new vault hunters that will be playable as well as the scope of the landscape this time around. There has been a lot that has happened throughout the time between Borderlands 2 and 3.

Some smaller things in this trailer include Rhys with a mustache, a full scale city environment, swamps, new enemies, Tiny Tina grown up, the new villain siblings, and Bricks amazing saxophone skills.

The rest of the trailer is the insane and in your face classic Borderlands magic that fans have come to expect from Gearbox.

There are currently no other details on Borderlands 3 although E3 is coming up this June where another announcement can occur.

Stay tuned for all news Borderlands.

UPDATE: Gearbox Official on Twitter has released a tweet telling fans that there may be more news on April 3rd.