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98AB5210-20C1-4C77-BE3D-97D4199360E6Bordering on Bad Behavior is a “polically incorrect” dark comedy about three military men. One, an American soldier Ben (Tom Sizemore), an Israeli soldier Ari (Oz Zehavi) and a Lebanese soldier Baz (Bernard Curry). Baz accidentally walks into a top secret Israeli communication base, once he realizes where he is, it’s too late. The emergency lock-down mechanism has already taken place and the three have to get along smoothly for the next six hours.

For one, I admit that politics are not my thing. I don’t understand them nor do I care for them. Two, this is more of a movie review rather than a dvd review since the only features the dvd contains are the trailer for the film and a setup option.

The majority of the film takes place in the top secret communication base of course, since it’s on lock-down. Ben who is played by Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) provides most of the comedy in the story. The comedy is not for the easily offended because more than half of his jokes are racially driven. I found some of his actions in the film were actually funnier than his jokes. The other two soldiers Ari and Baz provide the conflict in the film as the two have very different political views. This goes back and forth until the three of them bound over booze and weed. In fact, all of the bonding centers around booze and weed in the film.

The film had just a small amount of action at the beginning and at the end, which only made up for about 5-8 minutes total of the film.

Bordering on Bad Behavior¬†isn’t great but it’s not horrible. It’s just so-so. If you were to watch it, I would just wait until it goes to a streaming service like Netflix because like I said earlier, the dvd doesn’t contain many features. Bordering on Bad Behavior comes to dvd May 19.