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Blu-ray Review: THE MULE

mule_ver2Blu-Ray Review by Levi Tinker

The Mule

Starring Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, and John Noble
Directed by Tony Mahony and Angus Sampson
Released on Blu-ray 1/20/2015

Set in 1983 The Mule is Based loosely on the true story of a well meaning but very naive young man named Ray (played by the films co-writer/co-director Angus Sampson) who having just been named his football clubs “Clubman of the year” is talked into by the clubs president played by John Noble, into being used as a first time drug mule during the clubs upcoming celebratory trip to Bangkok. After ingesting the “Cargo” Ray is instructed by his life long friend Gavin Ellis (played by the films second cowriter Leigh Whannell) on the importance of not acting odd or unsual or doing anything to draw unwanted attention to himself. Upon entering the airport of course,everything Ray does, raises red flags to airports staff and security and Ray is promptly held by airport security for suspicion of smuggling and trafficking narcotics. Enter Hugo Weaving (clearly having a blast) as a determined Narcotics officer named Tom Croft , who informs Ray that he can be held for 7 days in the event that the “evidence” pops up. Which Det. Croft is determined to use any means possible to ensure that happens. Even though you know Ray is guilty, the performances of Sampson and Weaving really leave you rooting for Ray to make it through and regain his freedom.

Angus and his Co- Director Tony Mahony have crafted a film that really keeps you on the edge of your seat and in suspense through out the tightly edited 1hour and 43 minutes of the Mule.
All of the actors have turned in some great performances especially Weaving and Sampson, and composers Mikey Young and Cornell Wilczek’s score helps build the suspense and tension.

In regards to picture and sound quality- the picture is absolutely perfect on this release with Sharp clean images
and no distracting compression or picture artifacts. The Blu-ray features DTS 5.1 soundtrack that isnt all that remarkable but still does the job for a film such as this.

The Blu-ray features about 10 minutes of Deleted scenes that add a little to the backstory of the film as well a 4 short featurettes the films plot and characters Its slightly disappointing that the special features are as minimal as they are and are only presented in 1080i resolution.

Overall The Mule is a film definitely worth checking out on Blu-ray!