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Bloody Palace Mode being added to Devil May Cry 5 on April 1, 2019

For those looking to test themselves in Devil May Cry 5, Capcom has announced that it will be releasing the infamous Bloody Palace Mode to the game next month on April 1st.

If you aren’t familiar with Bloody Palace, it was first introduced in Devil May Cry 2 where players were tasked to complete 9,999 floors as they faced off against hordes of enemies as well as bosses. Since then each installment of the series would make the mode a part of the game with Devil May Cry 3 keeping the 9,999 levels and later installments dropping it down to 101 floors. Completing the mode rewards players with special items or costumes to use in the game.

Bloody Palace will be released as a free update. Are you ready for the challenge?

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