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After the Geomancer rid Bloodshot of the nanites which made him the vigilant hero that he was, he is now Ray Garrison, a handyman who drowns his feelings and thoughts with alcohol and drugs. Just when he thought the nanties were gone, it turns out that there may be another one who carries them which resembles the old Bloodshot. This other Bloodshot seems to be a lunatic as he shoots down innocent people.

Having Bloodshot without any powers is a very interesting idea. To see a super powered vigilante get humanized and have to literally feel things for once, is a really interesting thing and writer Jeff Lemire tells the story really well it’s almost like a Punisher type story. Bloodsquirt shows up once again in this issue, which is like a whole crazy-annoying conscious for Ray Gorrison. It reminds me much of a Deadpool kind of character almost, providing the comedy in the issue.


The art of the issue threw me off a bit. It’s not that it’s horrible art because it’s actually really well drawn but I think the shading of the characters in the panels hid the emotion of the characters and made some of the panels that were to provide some emotion, not really make you feel the emotion in it. (The page below is one of the best looking pages in the issue).


I do still think the whole humanized Bloodshot story is interesting. I like the idea of having a robot or some super-human being, being able to feel different emotions for the first time and it almost become a different character but also helps add depth to the character.

Blooshot Reborn #2 hits stores May 20.

Here are the different variant covers: