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Black Panther and Sigma join the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite roster October 17th

I’m not the biggest fan of the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite roster seeing as quite a of the characters are reused from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Well that’s about to change a bit next week as Capcom will be releasing three more characters to the game via DLC.

Two weeks ago, we got our first look at Monster Hunter in action and now we get or first look at two previously announced DLC characters Sigma and Black Panther.

Black Panther is pretty interesting to see in action. His fighting style and combos look somewhat reminiscent of both Wolverine and X-23. His movements are very quick and precise, so he might help fill the void for those longing for Wolverine.

The main antagonist from the Mega Man X series, Sigma was announced early on as a DLC character and by himself he seems even more dangerous that Ultron Sigma. Wielding the Beam Saber, Sigma can parry his opponents attacks, shoot laser beams from his forehead and has probably one of the best looking level 3’s in the game as he digitizes his opponents and attacks them with wire frame versions of himself.

To be honest, it’s cool to see Capcom go with this version of Sigma rather than any other version, except maybe Claw Sigma from X2.