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BioShock Infinite at E3

This year at E3 I was lucky enough to check out 2K Game and Irrational Game’s BioShock Infinite’s ten minute live demo. This installment puts players in the shoes of ex-pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt who will be traversing the floating city of Columbia on a mission to rescue a very special girl by the name of Elizabeth.



What’s so special about her? It seems that Elizabeth has the ability to manipulate rips in reality called ‘tears’. Using this ability she can manipulate the tears to bring into existence objects which Booker will be able to tactically use, such as a wagon to use as cover or a gun turret for some needed firepower in a particularly tough fight.



Speaking of fights one of the enemies Booker must deal with while on Columbia are the Vox Populi, an extreme socialist group that began as a workers’ rights movement. In the first encounter with the Vox Populi they came at Booker using the roller coaster like skylines which connected the metropolis in the sky. One of my favorite parts of the demo was Booker used the skyline to leap on board one a blimp filled with Vox Populi thugs. Dispatching the fanatic he then takes out the engine causing the whole thing to crash and burn.



After sitting through that demo makes me want to pick up my copy of BioShock Infinite and zip about the skylines of Columbia. But that won’t be possible until 2012 when the game is set to be released.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGkZUV85WJo&w=560&h=349]


– MPsy –