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Bionik has some great Nintendo Switch accessories coming out this Holiday season

I love E3, it’s something I look forward to for many reasons the main one being of course the games! While it’s easy to spend all day getting lost in an almost an infinite amount of games to play there is also something else that get’s easily lost in the shuffle companies showing off various accessories for all your gaming needs.

While I didn’t spend as much time as I would have loved checking out upcoming accessories to make my life easier and my stuff in top condition, I did visit one company who might that might fill your every need especially when it comes to the Nintendo Switch and that company was Bionik.

I actually had my Nintendo Switch with me all of E3, it was one of the most important things I had with me the whole week to keep me busy while in lines so it’s imperative I keep it well protected and fully charged.

Last year, I was first introduced to the Power Plate. A very useful item that serves to charge both your Nintendo Switch system as well as your Joy-Con controllers. With my current external battery, I have to go the full mile of docking the joy-cons to the Switch and then connect the USB-C cable so it can all charge while the Power Plate is designed so you can actually dock the joy-cons to it directly and with a 5500mAh backup battery you’ll have pretty much a full charge or charge your joy-cons about three times. You can find this on Amazon right now for $35. It also comes with a dock and tiny USB-C adapter.

Another item that can be pretty useful is the Tetra Power charging port. If you have multiple Switch systems at home or even multiple joy-cons you use, this quad port charging dock can be pretty handy in keeping your joy-cons charged and in plain sight so they aren’t just laying around when you need em. If you need to charge your Switch Pro Controller and both joy-cons at the same Bionik will also offer the Power Stand Switch.

Bionik will also be releasing a line of carrying cases for the system. First we took a look at the Commuter Bag which features three pockets that are made from durable materials that make sure it’s well protected where it needs it the most. You have one pocket for your Nintendo Switch, one for your game cartridges and one for all your cords. Also included is a removable and adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation. If you need a small upgrade however Bionik will also release the Commuter Battery Bag which has all the same features as the regular Commuter bag but will also include an 8,000 mAh external battery.

Lots of Nintendo Switch love but there was a bit more to see. Also shown was the Power Shield which is a clamshell-style case wfor your Switch. It comes with a built in 5,000 mAh battery and a unique stand so essentially a little bit of everything we’ve seen from Bionik rolled into one.

Probably one of the really interesting items I saw at the booth was the TV Lynx. The regular Lynx cable is a USB-C cable that is very durable thanks to it’s woven shielding but TV Lynx also adds an really useful tool as it will let you connect you Nintendo Switch to your TV directly without needing an actual dock. It’s honestly something very useful and something you can carry around with ease without worrying about space and something I will be keeping an eye out on.

That’s a lot of Nintendo love and we had a few more things to look at quickly including a charging station for your PlayStation 4 controllers and Xbox One controllers and it looks like Bionik will be releasing their own wireless controller for android and iOS devices called the Falcon.

Outside of the Power Plate and Tetra Power, everything else will be releasing sometime around the holidays.