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Has Benedict Cumberbatch Finally Put STAR WARS Rumors to Rest?


It’s been nearly a year since we first heard that Benedict Cumberbatch could be tied to the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII. He’s appeared on TV shows dismissing the rumors or just side stepping the questions that have to do with the next Star Wars film. Well he may have the rumor put to rest…finally.

Cumberbatch recently took part in a Q & A at the OZ Comic-con in Australia, according to a site called The Iris, Cumberbatch will NOT be involved with episode VII. The Iris tweet read: “I would’ve liked a part in JJ’s new Star Wars but it won’t happen sadly.”

This could also be the same situation we had last time when it came to Cumberbatch & J.J. Abrams, constantly denying that Cumberbatch would play the role of the villain Khan, in “Star Trek Into the Darkness.” At the same time, Abrams has regretted misleading the fans. So I’m not so sure that he would let Cumberbatch go the same route again.

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