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Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle Review

Platinum Games have been known for creating intense, fast-paced, and ridiculous experiences for over the past ten years. Now fans and newcomers alike will be able to play two of their hit games in one package: Bayonetta and Vanquish. These versions are not only enhanced for the base PS4 and Xbox One, but their 4K counterparts PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, promising 4K visuals at a steady 60 frames per second. Does this package deliver on this promise?

I’ll cut right to the chase for those wondering if these are formidable current-gen ports. Having played both titles on Xbox One X, I can confirm they run without any noticeable hitches. My only complaint is that the pre-rendered cutscenes in Vanquish have horrible framerates at times, even though the game runs smoothly. So if you’re hoping that these remasters aren’t botched, you’re in luck. If you’ve never played these games and are wondering if they’d be worth a purchase, I’ll go over them individually.


While you won’t be able to play its sequel without a Nintendo Switch, the first Bayonetta is a class act for a fast-paced action game with attitude. You play as Bayonetta, an Umbran Witch with some wicked hair and guns for shoes. You will use these guns as well as fists and weapons to fight the enemies of Paradiso (basically angels) as well as other sinister characters with their own cruel intentions.

The combat in Bayonetta is responsive and satisfying, allowing for some epic combos that make you feel like a skilled fighter. It’s a typical case of easy to learn, hard to master, especially when you enter challenge areas that will unlock some rewarding upgrades. Personally, I like the combat in Bayonetta 2 a bit more, as filling your Execution Meter in the first game is harder to fill up thanks to enemy hits that can deplete a large chunk of it.

If that sort of challenge strikes you fancy however, then Bayonetta is worth a pickup. If you liked the game enough by the end, then consider picking up a Switch for Bayonetta 2 and Bayonetta 3 whenever the latter comes out. Platinum Games crafted a unique world within these games that is definitely worth exploring if you’re into fantasy or just want to kick angels and demons back to where they came from.

Rating: 8.5/10


This was a game I’ve always wanted to play, but somehow never found the time to do it. Heck, I just found out it was sitting in my Steam Library uninstalled, but I wasn’t going to play on my 27-inch monitor when I have the 4K version available to play on my 65-inch TV! Vanquish has the signature fast-paced action of Platinum Games, but this time in a third-person shooter. You play as a soldier named Sam Gideon equipped with a suit that has Augmented Reaction which basically slows down time around him. The plot is set in the future where Russia has been overthrown by a coup and a vicious attack is unleashed in San Francisco. Now Sam helps lead an attack upon the Russian terrorists through his prototype suit.

While the gunplay is great and the weapons are crazy, I admittedly did not have as fun of a time with this game as Bayonetta. It seems like it wants to be as crazy as Bayonetta, but feels too restricted by the cover-based shooting to reach that goal. Sam can pull off some insane moves through quick-time events and melee attacks (that are far too limited by the suit overheating), but the majority of the time he will be hiding behind cover and shooting enemies when his health isn’t too low. The main quirk of this game is the Augmented Reaction, that will automatically trigger when his health is too low or when you dodge roll and aim at the same time.

I’m sure Vanquish was a far more impressive game back when it released in 2010, but after ten years of progress in the third-person shooter genre, it’s a bit rough to go back to.

Rating: 7.5/10