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Bayonetta Review (Nintendo Switch)

Bayonetta 1 and 2 are quite simply very similar to the Wii U release of the games. While there are slight performance boosts, overall to the untrained eye, one may not see or even understand the differences. So with that, Let us proceed with the Bayonetta review for The Nintendo Switch.

As someone who was first introduced to Bayonetta through smash brothers, I was intrigued to finally pick these games up. I skipped the release of both on the Wii U and the never played the first game during its original release. Due to this approach, I feel this is a great opportunity to review these games as fairly as I would any other game. With no previous experience, I am fresh into the games, and able to review them as such. And due to the nature of these games being offered as a combo pack, I will be reviewing them as with one score.

For those of who are like me, and have not played either Bayonetta games, Bayonetta is quite simply a hack and slash exploration-based platformer. It relies on the player going from point A to point B to progress through the stages and at the end of every stage? You guessed it, a huge boss fight. The boss fights in this game are truly a spectacle to behold. So much detail in their design and elaborate functions. Although you mainly run into the same archetype of bosses over and over, how they stack, and playing field the player character is on, drastically changes your tactics and viable move set every time.

The games do a great job at pacing, as the player, I never felt like the cut-scenes were too long. Although, hearing the same songs play in the background made me feel as though I haven’t reached a different part in the game. Normally games will build up with more dramatic and boisterous music until the end game, to make the climax that much more powerful.

But this is Bayonetta, where the aim is to make every single part of the game a climax, and yes, that is a sexual pun. Why? Because the whole game thrives on innuendos, and gore, and you know… “the male fantasy” as some memes would refer to it as. I say this as a warning. If this sort of content is too strong or mature for you, then It is probably best to pass on these games. 

A big gripe I have with these games is the character design. The main characters, and bosses look presentable enough, but due to the lack of definitive textures and a slower frame rate, the complex enemies just seem washed out and generic. An enemy that one could tell should look cool, but the player can’t see the detail at all.

And while the game does a lot right, there were never moments where I was Wowed. When other titles on the switch such as Mario and Zelda “wow” switch players so easily, Bayonetta must play a little catch up. Furthermore… even though I am a new adopter of these games, I find it unfortunate that there is no exclusive switch content to be explored here. I assume this is due to the want for a quick port to get fans ready for Bayonetta 3 soon. Still, something extra would have been nice.

Luckily the small nitpicks I found in these games don’t hold the game down from being a great game. If action packed, irreverent, and long stories are your style, then this is a must own on the Nintendo Switch.

Nuke the Fridge Score 7.5/10