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‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’ Review

battlestar-galactica-blood-and-chrome-luke-pasqualinoCaliburn24 here with twelve cubits worth of entertainment.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome premiered as a movie on Sy Fy yesterday. It had aired as a 10 episode web series on Machinima.com created by David Eick and Michael Taylor. Tt will be released on Blue and DVD on February 19. It has departed from the prequel series, Caprica (2009 – 2010), which covered the origin of the Cylons and more into the actual Cylon War. The opening of the movie/show has the narration of William Adama, younger than the Edward James Olmos version, played by Luke Pasqualino, he is writing a letter to his father. Adama recaps the story and brings new viewers up to date. There are scenes of Cylons built like a Terminator factory. Then, a Cylon is carrying a child next to a fence. This leads to a space battle of Ensign Adama in a Viper. It is the tenth year of the war with the Cylons and many years before the series that ended in 2009. Adama’s acrobatic maneuvers destroy Cylon Raiders, but an explosion creates ripples on his cockpit. He ejects his cockpit window and takes the radiation to take on a last Raider. His gun jams with a “Frak that!” to the instructor, and he burns the Raider with his afterburners. This ends the simulation.Battlestar-Galactica-Blood-and-Chrome

The character of Adama makes for an interesting pilot, a bit of Top Gun hot shot piloting, but there is more of a morality to Pasqualino’s portrayal as someone who is fighting the war with a reason. Adama flirts with a female veteran pilot and she points him to the Galactica which has echoes of the original theme as their ship rolls up to the launch bay. The cadets are on an elevator and reach the Viper launch deck. Adama admires the veteran Viper pilot, Deke Torval played by Mike Dopud. Adama is called a “rook” several times. He reaches the flight officer and is eager for duty. A Viper rolls in and he is pointed to his ship, a Raptor shuttle. Adama remarks, “I did not rate top of my class to drive a bus.” He meets his co-pilot Coker Fasjovik played by Ben Cotton. Coker, as he is better known, is his ECO electronic counter-measures officer. He calls Adama “Husker” for his voice. Cotton plays Coker as a jaded veteran, but is likeable as Adama’s co-pilot. Adama asks who was his last pilot and he points out he is washing him out of the shuttle. They ride a platform thorugh the bay. Coker notes that he has forty days left on his tour. They are assigned a milk run carrying cargo to the Scorpia Shipyard by Commander Nash played by Brian Markinson. He says to them, “Gentlemen, don’t frak this up.”

In a scene that is very Starship Troopers, the pilots are in the showers. Adama sees a dark-haired woman in the shower and holds her towel until she pulls it away. Adama later explains to Coker that his father is a defense attorney. They see their cargo, a passenger, the same woman Adama saw at the shower. This is Dr. Beka Kelly played by Lili Bordan. The Raptor raises into the flight pod and takes off. Kelly gives them the new orders, a different set of coordinates on the edge of Cylon space. There is a scene of green night vision, with Cylons wandering around, Adama is viewing it with some goggles. Kelly fixes the goggles and tells him that she worked for Greystone Industries on the Cylons. They reach the Battlestar Archeron and a body is flung at the cockpit window. The Raptor travels through the debris of the battlestar torn to pieces. Missiles lock onto the ship. Cylon Raiders fire on them. Adama moves into the wreckage of the Battlestar. Coker mans the rear gun and blasts one Raider. Adama rolls the shuttle and slips into a portal that destroys the last Raider. Kelly sends out a transmission and they pick a signal with coordinates inside Cylon space.

Adama wakes up Dr. Kelly, she was calling out in her sleep, and calls out Ezrial. Whom she explains was her husband who was famed as a Marine who took on a Cylon platoon. Two Vipers lock onto them and request a password. Kelly shouts out that the password is “Arrow.” They see the Battlestar Valkyrie and the Heavy Cruiser Loki which were all thought to be destroyed. The Raptor reaches the Battlestar Osiris and the group is taken from the shuttle by soldiers that threaten them with guns. Kelly gives a soldier her i.d. The commander of the Osiris, Ozar, played by Jill Teed tells them that a Raptor with a new crew will be used to transport Kelly. Dr. Kelly requests that the same pilots be used to fly the Raptor. The Battlestar detects a Cylon Basestar. The commander orders the Battlestar to engage with the basestar because Kelly’s mission will turn the tide of the war. Space is filled with the gunfire and explosions. The Raptor and the two Vipers hit atmosphere of the planet Djerba. They are followed by three Cylons. The ship’s engine is hit, but Adama manages to still fly the Raptor. A battle in the clouds parallels the losing battle in space. Commander Ozar orders the nukes to be fired, but they malfunction. The ship collides with the Basestar and the commander sets off the nukes.

On Djerba, Coker shoots down a Cylon. A Viper splashes a Cylon with a missile. One of the Vipers is destroyed and remaining Viper leaves them. Adama vents fuel and then hits the afterburners flaming the Cylon. He makes a crash landing on the snowy fields of Djerba. Adama and Coker argue with each other until Kelly fires her gun. They finally reach a massive cave. The group finds the transponder that sent the signal, but there are also bodies that were torn up. Adama turns to find Coker and Kelly have fallen in a gap in the floor. He starts to rapel down. Adama releases the cable to fall into the pit. Something attacks Coker in the dark. A reptilian creature latches onto Coker. A man rapels down and shots the creature with a shotgun. He says to Kelly, “You’re late.” This is Tech Sergeant Toth played by John Pyper-Ferguson as a survivor who has lost his mind.

Toth sounds like a nod to comics artist Alex Toth especially considering that Coker ran into a friend named Jim Kriby. The sergeant cuts up the snake creature to offer its meat to the others and then eats it himself. Coker starts to argue with him, but Toth puts a hold on Coker, effective as a Vulcan neck pinch, which he says is the occipital nerve. They reach Toth’s hideout, an abandoned Cylon supply depot. He points out the trip wires set with mines. Adama sees Kelly chewing on her fingernail and asks about her husband. She reveals that the patrol was killed by friendly fire. “You’re going to regret this”, she says to Adama. Toth and Coker are eating rations in the mess hall. Adama and Kelly are kissing. He pulls off her shirt. She does the same for him. He wakes up and checks on something holding his rifle. There is some battles with the Cylons, another Terminator-like scene with a Cylon scanning the fallen Dr. Kelly, and a cameo of a certain Cylon (really just her voice). Blood & Chrome features some deep real world comments on the cost of war. The special effects look polished and ready for a full series. Even more the characters make for a compelling cast.