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Causal Bit Games have release date for their upcoming title Battle Princess Madelyn. It’ll be launching onto a range of platforms December 6 with a couple of additional platforms post-launch.

We’ve heard a fair amount about Battle Princess Madelyn, with the last news piece we reported on being about the trailer announcing a Fall 2018 release date. It’s a title that caught the attention of many outlets due to its success during Kickstarter. The title raised 354 percent of its funding target and has been showing off gameplay a fair amount.

The title follows Madelyn and Fritzy, her ghostly pet dog that sacrificed his life for her, as they go to save her kidnapped family and defeat the evil that has bled into the world. A new trailer has also landed which you can find below, which features the story and a bunch of gameplay.

Battle Princess Madelyn will be launching on December 6, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Next year the title will launch onto the Nintendo Wii and PS Vita.

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