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“Batman Month” Programming on Cinefix

Batman MonthOn YouTube, CineFix is the ultimate destination for true movie buffs and filmmakers. Coming up, CineFix is presenting “Batman Month,” which features original programming that includes remakes of iconic Batman scenes, 8-bit video game recreations, countdown lists, contests to win “The Dark Knight Trilogy” (Yes, you know you want this!) and more!

Recently, Batman was named the most popular superhero ever on YouTube with over three billion views of 71,000 hours of video. Check out the Top 10 List!


CineFix also released this amusing and loving tribute from Homemade Movies recreating the Batman and Catwoman Rooftop Fight from “The Dark Knight Rises.” The live action short stars Jack Douglass as Batman, Olga Kay as Catwoman and Brock Baker as Bane. See it here!

Programming for CineFix’s “Batman Month” will also include:

8 Bit Cinema – Batman The Dark Knight

Top 10 CineFix Now! – Hottest Batman Girls


Conspiracy Cinema  – Ben Affleck Lands Batman by Flexing Irish Mob Muscle

Additional programming available at HERE

Tune in on Friday, September 27th when “CineFix Now: Best Batman Villains” goes live.

Source: MPRM Communications