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THE BATMAN to Get a Solo Film in 2019


Last week Warner Bros list of DC Comics to film was revealed.  Included on that list to be featured in their own stand alone movie where several fan favorite characters such as Shazam, Sandman , The  Justice League , Wonder Woman , a Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up movie , and Man of Steel 2.  To everyone’s surprise Batman was excluded…. Or was he?


El Mayimbe from Latino-Review is reporting that Warner Bros is planing a Batman stand alone movie that will be released in 2019.  According to him the film will be simply titled “The Batman.” If the news is true ( Remember El Mayimbe was the guy that reported that Chris Nolan was directing The Justice League and that turned out wrong) Ben Affledk will be 46 and people are questioning if that’s to old. Remember Hugh Jackman ( Wolverine ) is 45 and Robert Downey Jr. ( Iron Man ) is 49 and those two seem to be in their prime.

What do you think?