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Zero Year to wrap with issue #29.


Here’s the details from DC comics website:

Scott Snyder announced today via Twitter that BATMAN #28 will be a special issue that shows what’s happening in the world of Batman after ZERO YEAR and will be drawn by Dustin Nguyen!

“We agreed,” says Snyder, “that with all the crazy stuff that’s going to happen in 2014 – and my goal above all in 2014 is to keep things daring and fun – it’d be a thrill to do a total spoiler issue. A stand-alone issue that takes place in the near future and reveals all sorts of massive surprises coming to Gotham.”

The new issue – #28 – will replace the original finale issue of ZERO YEAR: Dark City and “the issue will have a lot of surprises” says Snyder. It jumps forward in the timeline and “shows you a glimpse of the FUTURE of Batman – Gotham circa summer 2014.”

BATMAN #29 will now conclude the ZERO YEAR: Dark City arc of the three part storyline. 

Snyder went on to share a look at a character design for BATMAN #28. Take a look at the art by Dustin Nguyen in the gallery above.


Could this have anything to do with the new Nightwing relaunch Tynion will be doing post Forever Evil? We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

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