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Bandai Namco Releases Road Map For Jump Force Updates; Includes Seto Kaiba

Following the release of Jump Force and a flurry of criticisms over its many faults such as animations, glitches, bugs, and lack of quick support, it was a question to fans whether we would see a stable update calendar for the game. On Thursday, Bandai Namco finally put the criticism behind them and released their road map for Jump Force that includes several new characters, maps, and events.

As you can see on the map there are several events including “Vertex Event”, “Raid Boss Event”, “Arena Event”, and “Tournament Event”. How each event will play out is still up in the air as there are no details at this time. Another notable piece of information here is the amount of characters being added to the game.

A total of 6 new characters will be released throughout the year, 3 will be free while the other 3 will be paid dlc. One of the 6 dlc fighters will be Seto Kaiba from ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’.

From a gameplay standpoint, he will most likely play very similar to Yugi with a bulk of his moves being summoning. Whether or not he will summon Obelisk The Tormentor or Blue Eyes remains to be announced.

Jump Force is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.